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Export credit agences provide government-backed loans, guarantees and insurance to corporations working internationally in some of the most volatile, controversial and damaging industries on the planet.

Shrouded in mystery, ECAs provide financial backing for risky projects that might never otherwise get off the ground. They are a major source of national debt in developing countries.

ECA Watch is a network of NGOs from around the world. We come together to campaign for ECA reform - better transparency, accountability, and respect for environmental standards and human rights.

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Press release - International NGO Call on Goverments to #EndCoalFinance


11 June 2014

International NGOs Call on Governments to #EndCoalFinance

On Monday, June 16 the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)’s Export Credit Group will meet to discuss climate and energy related financing through Export Credit Agencies – public agencies that fund or guarantee private corporations from their home country to invest or export overseas.

NGO Statement Ending Fossil Fuel Support

In May 2014, more than 50 NGO have endorsed common recommendations provided by the briefing 'Ending Fossil Fuel Support: the way forward' (to be downloaded on the bottom of this page). This briefing was developed by ECA Watch members in close collaboration with other international and regional organisations.

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