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Volume 17, Issue 11

November 2018

  • Bringing Accountability and Transparency to Export Development Canada’s Practice
  • Developing countries biggest installers of renewables
  • Report highlights EDC’s multibillion dollar support for oil and gas industries
  • Trading away EU principles in the name of national export interests
  • ECA Support for Coal in the Face of OECD Financing Restrictions
  • The World Needs to Quit Coal. Why Is It So Hard?
  • UK Government considering UKEF deal with Saudi Aramco
  • EXIM Bank's fate tied to the outcome of Senate midterms
  • Uganda expects ECA pipeline financing deal by June 2019
  • Middle East Politics and Export Credits
  • Australia splashes ECA cash in the Pacific as China fears loom

October 2018

  • UK Government climate targets branded ‘laughable’ as UK Export Finance supports new oil refineries abroad
  • NGOs release list of world’s top coal plant developers
  • Boeing says Exim Bank vital for the US amid competition from China
  • Denmark provides world’s largest export credit agency wind financing
  • Longest Gas Pipeline in Nigeria Gets Green Light With Sinosure cover
  • Vinfast, set to be Vietnam's first domestic carmaker, gains $950M ECA credit line
  • Global Export Credit Agencies Support Iran Trade Coverage
  • Tonga starts repaying US$4.7m a year to Chinese ECA for reconstruction
  • Botched Chinese ECA project in Africa is a warning to belt and road investors
  • Africa-India trade to double by 2021 with ECA help