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Volume 16, Issue 9

September 2017

  • Australia’s export credit agency ordered to ­extend loans to coal ventures
  • NGOs urge Bank of Tokyo - Mitsubishi to reject Vietnamese coal plant finance
  • Boeing took a foreign firm to task over subsidies. Critics say Boeing gets ECA and other help, too.
  • Airbus in talks to settle ECA fraud claims for £1 billion
  • Standard Bank Seeks to ECA funding for $3 billion Ugandan Oil Pipeline
  • Merkel Mulls Revision of Hermes Support for Ankara as Two Germans Detained in Turkey
  • Trump's Ex-Im Nominee Scott Garrett Elegantly Squares The Circular Republican Firing Squad
  • Iran Receives First Round of Post-Sanctions Finance From European Banks and ECAs

August 2017

  • EU Commission underscores the role of ECAs in achieving Paris goals
  • UK undermining climate targets with export credit for fossil fuel projects abroad
  • Dakota Access Pipeline Owner Sues Enviros for Terrorism
  • Germany is reviewing export credit guarantees for German companies doing business with Turkey
  • UK Export Finance Publishes Their Annual Reports and Accounts
  • Iran Has a Long Way to Go to Restore Pre-Sanctions Ties
  • GAO: Status of Ex-Im End-Use Monitoring of Dual-Use Exports
  • Trump gives Ex-Im pick a chance to rescue nomination
  • EDC backed Bombardier sale to Zuma allies accused of corruption
  • Massive Nigerian investments coming with ECA and local financing