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Press Room

The ECA Watch Press Room periodically posts press materials generated by NGOs participating in the international Export Credit Agency (ECA) reform campaign.

ECAs are now collectively among the world's largest public financiers of private sector industrial projects in developing countries which often have devastating environmental and social impacts. For example, ECAs' financial support for heavy-impact oil, mining and gas projects in developing countries now eclipses that of the World Bank Group and all other major multilateral finance institutions combined.

This section is designed to disseminate information related to ECAs and connect journalists with NGOs participating in ECA Watch. - whether it be through press contacts, background information, or news stories.

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Background Information

ECAs Explained - Background on what ECAs are, how they work, and their impacts.

Unusual Suspects: Unearthing the Hidden World of Export Credit Agencies (2002)
- Comprehensive 14-page introductory report on ECAs and their impacts, with illustrative case studies.

The NGO Jakarta Declaration on ECA Reform - An outline of the goals and objectives of the campaign.


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