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The Problems

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Japan's ECAs:
The Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC), and Nippon Export and Investment Insurance (NEXI)

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Did You Know?

In Japan, the issue is not the impact of ECA-backed projects on Japanese territory, but rather the Japanese ECAs, and their impact around the world. Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) is one of Japan's ECAs. Nippon Export and Investment Insurance (NEXI) is the other.

"We refuse to play host to dirty technologies funded by institutions like JBIC who have no regard whatsoever for community rights and the environment. Our wish is to be kept free from toxic pollution for the sake of our families and future generations."

- Mr. Wanlop Hirikul of the KlongToey Environmental Group in a Greenpeace Press Release May 2001 - Japan: Dioxin Pusher

Photo Credit: Greenpeace Southeast Asia

Greenpeace climbers in 2001 hanging large banner over the facade of the Japan Bank for International Cooperation building in Bangkok. The banner reads "Japan : Dioxin pusher, Stop incineration."

* Important Background Documents on Japan
* JBIC Impact Summary
* News Items 2004-05
* News Items 2002-03

Important Background Documents:

JBIC-Watch Handbook

JBIC Impact Summary:

JBIC is by far the largest, most destructive ECA in the world.

JBIC is currently considering financing the Siberia-Pacific Pipeline (VSTO) planned by the Russian oil company Transneft. Click here to take action to save the Amur Leopard from Transneft's pipeline by writing to the head of JBIC.


Some Projects Supported by JBIC:

Signs of life are gone from this site at San Roque

Sakhalin II Oil and Gas Project (Russia) JBIC hasn't announced funding decision yet on Phase 2 of the project (June 2005)

San Roque Dam (Philippines) JBIC completed its loan in 2003.

Soroako Nickel Mine - or in PDF form (Indonesia)

Brazilian Oil Firm Inks Deal with JBIC (Brazil)

Bor Nok Coal-Fired Power Plant Project (Thailand) JBIC hasn't announced funding decision yet (June 2005)

Hin Krut Coal-Fired Power Plant Project (Thailand) JBIC hasn't announced funding decision yet (June 2005)


More Useful Links

JBIC-Watch - Updated List of JBIC-Backed Projects (Alphabetical by Country)

Study Group on Environmental Guidelines for JBIC - The Study Group on Environmental Guidelines for JBIC was established in October 2000 to contribute to the making of the integrated environmental guidelines of the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC). Relevant people from NGOs, academia, governmental ministries and agencies, and JBIC freely exchange opinions, and seek to summarize the discussions on issues such as the future direction of the integrated guidelines. The Group completed making "Recommendations for the Japan Bank for International Cooperation's Environmental Guidelines" over the 16 meetings. Visit the website and download the Recommendations for the Japan Bank for International Cooperation's Environmental Guidelines (English and Japanese).

News 2004-2005:

Greenpeace Disrupts Construction of JBIC-Supported Thai Coal Plant April 21, 2005

Coalition of 40 Groups Address Japanese PM on Transneft Pipeline Problems March 14, 2005

JBIC Urged to Stop Funding Large Dams in the Philippines March 11, 2005

Japanese and Chinese Investment Climate Warming December 24, 2004

Communities call on JBIC to Stop Funding Coal in Thailand and the Philippines December 15, 2004 by Greenpeace Southeast Asia

Sakhalin Energy, JBIC to Sign Sakhalin II Finance Agreement December 17, 2004

JBIC Pledges $220M to Indonesian Power Plants November 26, 2004

JBIC Looks Toward Mining November 13, 2004

Ho Chi Minh City Gets Help from Japanese ECA for Waste Recycling Plan August 7, 2004

Vietnamese Oil Refinery to be Financed via Japanese ECA August 3, 2004

JBIC May Support 1,500-Mile Siberian Pipeline April 5, 2004

JBIC to Support Greenhouse-gas Reducing Projects in Mexico April 15, 2004

JBIC and NEXI to Support Second Fertilizer Plant Project in Iran April 16, 2004

Japan Waives Bangladesh Debt to JBIC March 21, 2004

JBIC Extends Financing to India March 31, 2004

Japan Issues First Trade Insurance for Postwar Iraq April 24, 2004

JBIC to Back Investments for Azadegan Oil Field in Iran January 16, 2004

News 2002-2003 (and prior):

4000 Indonesians to sue JBIC Over Destructive Dam March 27, 2003

Letter from NGOs Disapproving of Japan's New ECA Guidelines -
January 19, 2000

Grassroots Groups Vie With Japanese Bureaucrats February 4, 1999

For more information, contact the ECA Watch Facilitator.

ECA Watch Campaign Member Links:

Friends of the Earth Japan, Ikuko Matsumoto and Naomi Kanzaki -



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