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Sakhalin II Update:
The Project and the Environment

The Sakhalin II project involves many infrastructure objects with negative impacts on the environment. Its 800-kilometer pipeline threatens wild salmon streams and other animals in the area of the pipeline, but especially the critically-endangered Western Pacific Gray Whale. The oil platform stands adjacent to its feeding grounds off Sakhalin island. The riskiness of the operation of a LNG plant and pipeline also threaten the safety of the surrounding waters. Construction of the complex and its associated contractors' lack of compliance with any oil spill prevention plan already resulted in an oil spill in September 2004. The project is criticized for its environmental negligence at every stage by scientists, local communities, and environmentalists monitoring the project. The European Bank of Reconstruction and Development has determined that the project's environmental impact assessment is "unfit for purpose" - bank-speak for lousy.


Read About:

1) Western Pacific Gray Whales (ongoing)

2) Cristoforo Columbo Oil Spill (Sept. 2004)

3) Radioactive Devices Detained (winter 2004-2005)

4) Other News

Western Pacific Gray Whales

Cristoforo Colombo Oil Spill

The Cristoforo Colombo, a Shell-contracted dredging vessel, spilled 1,300 barrels of heavy fuel oil and diesel in the waters off Sakhalin Island on September 8, 2004: it still remains grounded (July 2005).

Radioactive Devices Detained

A South Korean businessman was arrested for allegedly smuggling radioactive testing devices onto Sakhalin Island, destined for the Sakhalin II Liquid Natural Gas plant contractor, Daewoo. The source of radiation is thought to be iridium 192, which exceeds the normal allowable levels of radiation by between 20 and 200 times. 

More News

Shell Suffers Setback in Sakhalin January 20, 2005 Bloomberg/The Moscow Times Russian Court Cancels Environmental Approval The Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk court ruled against environmental permission for a temporary jetty being built by Sakhalin Energy Investment Co.

Russian NGOs File Lawsuit: March 1, 2004 A Moscow court agreed to review a lawsuit filed by Russian environmental NGOs that demands the discontinuence of Sakhalin II project activities that put at risk endangered species including the Western Gray Whale, Steller's sea eagle, and Sakhalin Taimen.

Wild Salmon Center letter to Shell/SEI February 9, 2004 Regarding the Center's review of the company's River Crossing Field Survey Reports.

Summary of Japanese Expert Report on Sakhalin II Environmental Impacts on Wildlife: This report assesses impacts on wildlife species with close connections to Japan.

Sakhalin II "may spell ecological disaster" August 25, 2003

Muddied Waters: A Survey of Offshore Oilfield Drilling Wastes and Disposal Techniques to Reduce the Ecological Impact of Sea Dumping May 25, 2002 By Jonathan Willis, for Sakhalin Environment Watch

Sakhalin's Oil: Doing It Right - Applying Global Standards to Public Participation, Environmental Monitoring, Oil Spill Prevention & Response and Liability Standards in the Sakhalin Oblast of the Russian Federation November 1999 By Dan Lawn, Rick Steiner & Jonathan Wills In order to prevent a catastrophe such as the "Exxon Valdez" on Sakhalin Island, NGOs invited a team of independent experts to Sakhalin Island in order to review the island's spill prevention and response measures.


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