Atradius Dutch State Business NV, David Ricardostraat 1, 1066 JS Amsterdam Postbus 8982, 1006 JD Amsterdam The Netherlands Tel: +31 (0)20 553 2693

Atradius Dutch State Business (Atradius DSB) is a subsidiary of the Atradius Group. It offers exporters of capital goods or international construction projects a wide range of insurance and guarantee products when doing business abroad.

Through its insurance and guarantee products Atradius assists Dutch companies in winning export transactions and increases their capacity to raise finance from other banks. Credit insurance on behalf of the State usually involves export transactions with credit periods or a completion time in excess of twelve months, and always involves the supply of capital goods such as machinery, ships or greenhouses.

Who is involved

Atradius DSB has an agreement with the Dutch Government. The Dutch State is the insurer of the policies that Atradius DSB issues. Atradius DSB acts as performer of the Government. The relationship between Atradius Dutch State Business and the Dutch State is further explained in a letter of the Ministry of Finance. The Ministry of Finance is accountable for the activities of Atradius DSB.

Dodgy deals associated with Atradius

Atradius has provide export credit to a Dutch company involved in the environmentally catastrophic project to dredge Suape harbor in Brazil.

All transactions that receive an insurance policy of Atradius DSB are published – in Dutch only – on its website