Ducroire/ Nationale Delcrederedienst

National du Ducroire/ Nationale Delcrederedienst Rue Montoyerstraat 3 1000 Brussels Tel: +32.2.788.88.00 Fax: +32.2.788.88.10

The Office national du ducroire is the Belgian public credit insurer; it insures and reinsures the political commercial risks of trade transactions, offering it services to all businesses within the EU.

ONDD was created in 1939, and is guaranteed by the Belgian state. The extent of the cover which Ducroire can offer has expanded over the years, and in 2004 it became a public limited company.

Who is involved

While Ducroire provides insurance and financial guarantees to companies, FINEXPO provides advice to the Belgian government about which projects to support and the type of support to offer, as well as offering some direct loans (unlike Ducroire). However Ducroire's budget far exceeds that of FINEXPO.

ONDD’s own website states how valuable its services are for Belgian exports: “some of the projects
guaranteed by ONDD would not take place without credit insurance. This is especially true the longer the credit term
and the riskier the debtor country are. As a result, it is not unusual for ONDD to cover up to 40% (or even more) of exports
to countries with the highest credit risk.”

More information

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