Index for 2007

December 2007

  • Blair called for BAE inquiry to be halted
  • Renewable energies and export credit agencies
  • NGOs walk out of OECD meeting
  • China, France and Germany top investors in Iran
  • Braskem and Pequiven Announce Joint Venture to Install Petrochemical Projects
  • UN Report addresses ECA responsibility for human rights breaches (PDF)
  • Export Development Canada 'reforms overdue'
  • China to play greater role in World Bank in Africa
  • OECD ECA 2006 cash flow results for officially supported export credits (PDF)

November 2007

  • ECA Watch leaves OECD consultation in protest over lack of dialogue
  • Corner House / CAAT court victory over BAE corruption enquiry review
  • European Parliament resolution to end taxpayer support for fossil fuels projects
  • Export credits to Iran become a hotter political issue
  • Atradius refuses cover for Vancor project in Russia
  • SACE to open its capital to investors
  • US Ex-Im Bank promotes Nigerian economic progress - i.e. debt free riding continues
  • Atradius and Sinosure sign memorandum of understanding
  • ECAs to guarantee Indonesian coal-fired plants
  • The Equator Principles: A toddler finds its feet, but still takes an occasional tumble
  • ECA supported 3 Gorges dam in China proves to be environmental disaster
  • BNP Paribas and Vnesheconombank (Russian ECA) In export credit pact
  • Nationwide Protests against German Investment in Turkey's Ilisu Dam

October 2007

  • ECA Watch submits issues paper to OECD ECA consultation (PDF)
  • Arbitrary expropriation begins at contested Ilisu dam site
  • Yusufeli Dam: Is Turkey blackmailing ECAs over lowered standards because of Ilisu?
  • China planning to reform Exim Bank into a commercial bank
  • Export Development Canada becomes a signatory to the Equator Principles
  • Export credits for Iran remain a political issue
  • UK export credit agency slammed for lax environmental standards
  • Eight charged in $80 million scheme to defraud the US Export-Import Bank

September 2007

  • Turkey flouts ECA conditions highlighting weakness of OECD Common Approaches
  • Dutch Government to resolve Indonesia cover through credit default swaps
  • Export Development Canada maintains interest in controversial Tenke mine in Congo
  • Civil Society Recommendations Regarding China Exim Bank's Environmental Policy
  • Germany struggles to unravel export credit ties with Iran
  • Kickbacks alleged in Filipino phone contract financed by China's ExIm Bank
  • US Export Import Bank certifies no dual-use exports in 2005
  • Coface to take controlling stake in SBCE - Brazil
  • Ex-Im Bank to Sponsor Environmental Exporters Conference
  • Labour tries to block new BAE enquiry

August 2007

  • WWF and Corner House Launch Legal challenge against ECGD on Sakhalin 2
  • NGOs condemn signing of contracts for the Turkish Ilisu Dam
  • Sinosure receives an A bond rating
  • Australian ECA EFIC says receding credit tide could beach some emerging markets
  • OECD publishes data on HIPC export credits (PDF)
  • OECD reports lack of renewable energy projects for evaluation of incentives
  • Pulp mills & ECAs
  • Civil aircraft agreement at OECD judged good for Canada
  • Israel's Hapoalim Bank extends ECA backed credit to Kazakh bank

July 2007

  • ECAs and Arms - ENAAT report now available
  • ECAs and corruption
  • Book reviews - The Secret World of Economic Hit Men (and ECAs)
  • Private equity funds change markets for ECAs
  • ECA loan backed bond rating withdrawn
  • NGOs warn banks and ECAs not to invest in Sakhalin II
  • ECGD releases annual report
  • Will domestic financial incentives for pollution controls also apply to Chinese export credits?
  • Brazil joins OECD agreement on aircraft finance

June 2007

  • NGOs criticize OECD approval of weak environmental standards for export credits
  • Investigation into alleged BAE corruption continues
  • ECAs warned against support for continuing Sakhalin environmental problems
  • Spanish NGOs welcome draft legislation to deny export credit support for companies involved in foreign environmental damages
  • Dutch export credits are not a foreign policy instrument
  • NGOs demand an end to oil aid via export credit supports
  • India's ECGC lowers premia rates up to 10% to make exports more competitive
  • China's auto exports bolstered by SINOSUR credit insurance
  • Australian ECA sees Africa as a magnet
  • US think tank calls for American leadership on ECA incentives for renewable energy
  • UK ends plans to establish ECGD as a trading fund

May 2007

  • New OECD environmental standards for export credits still not public
  • Export credits for Turkey's Ilisu dam generate official and citizen protests
  • UK commentary: Is the OECD outmoded?
  • China Export Import Bank releases environmental standards document
  • U.S. and Chinese ECAs sign memorandum of understanding
  • World Bank and China agree to cooperate in Africa
  • Controversy continues over UK violation of OECD bribery convention
  • Brazilian export credits up 45%
  • European export credits to Iran continue to generate U.S. criticism

April 2007

  • OECD approves weakened environmental and social standards for ECAs
  • The Ilisu Dam: Downstream water impacts on Iraq are adverse and serious
  • BAE/ECGD corruption scandal expands to include OECD
  • ECGD's first civil deal in Saudi Arabia - $5 billion Yansab petrochemical project
  • India's Exim Bank's credit commitments hit $2.30 bn
  • New trends in trade Finance: It’s a Buyer’s Market for Export Credit Insurance
  • Conservatives press EU to suspend export credits to Iran
  • Chinese export credit agencies expand relations with western ECAs

March 2007

  • OECD to conduct a further examination of UK efforts against bribery
  • Germany approves Ilisu dam export credit guarantees in stunning hypocritical move
  • Is US Ex-Im Bank promotion of Nigeria exports a free rider threatening more debt?
  • US NGOs challenge Ex-Im Bank to implement environmental provisions
  • Challenged by Trade Partners, China Ends Export Credit Subsidy
  • Japan publishes Category A, B and C projects list to 12 March 2007
  • Mozambique, China Ex-Im Bank in Talks on Hydro-Power Project

February 2007

  • CVRD Inco Goro nickel project faces continuing opposition
  • Export Credit Agency Left Out of Bush Budget
  • ECAs and Arms Exports
  • OPIC admits monitoring of BP pipeline project is inadequate
  • Controversial Turkish dam projects seem prepared to move ahead with ECA support
  • Assassination attempt at Chinese Ex-Im Bank supported Merowe dam project
  • G7 criticized over illegitimate debt which is largely ECA related
  • OECD meetings update
  • Korean, Spanish and Italian ECAs work together
  • U.S. urges Europe to reduce export credits to Iran
  • Uruguayan pulp mills get ECA support

January 2007

  • OECD releases 2005 ECA statistics (PDF)
  • ECGD arms bribery scandal receives extensive news coverage
  • German, Austrian and Swiss ECAs refuse to release Ilisu conditions
  • Coface outlines Yusufeli conditions
  • AFRODAD ECA debt workshop report now available (PDF)
  • Canada's diplomats pressure foreign governments re EDC debts
  • Tanzanian tycoons divulge secret ECA supported arms deal payout
  • Japanese ECA to finance US nuclear power plants
  • Ratings put Coface as highest rated credit insurer
  • Canada launches WTO challenge to US export credit subsidies for corn
  • US Congress moves to force "Bank of Boeing" to support small exporters
  • Korean ECA to provide US$93 Billion in export insurance in 2007