Index for 2010

December 2010

  • Archive of ECA responses to the Common Approaches survey
  • Boeing, Airbus Export Financing to Be Costlier Under OECD ECA Proposal
  • EU Approves One-Year Extension Of Some Export Credit Insurance Schemes
  • China's 2010 export credit insurance may rank world first
  • European Parliamentary Committee votes to address ECA flaws
  • French ECA guarantees Jaitapur nuclear project
  • South Africa unveils Cuba export credit package
  • OECD's ECA Working Group publishes some 2009 data and latest meeting minutes
  • Brazil charges German companies and staff for environmental crimes in Hermes guaranteed project

November 2010

  • Argentina to renegotiate Paris Club debt without IMF presence
  • UN asks ECAs to ensure support for agro-land acquisition respects farmers' rights
  • Etihad CEO flays western airlines on export credit
  • Nord Stream Taps Three Banks as Advisers for 2.5 Billion Euros of Loans
  • Berne Union members expect business volumes to return to pre-crisis levels in 2010
  • Euromoney Trading produces ECA Review €279, 33 pages
  • Japanese and Dutch ECAs publish Category A EIA information
  • ECAs strive to meet new demand (PDF)

October 2010

  • G20/OECD negotiations over export credits begin to heat up
  • Aircraft manufacturers and airlines face off over export credit subsidies
  • Ha­san­keyf protest camp raises voices against destructive Ilisu dam project in Turkey
  • European export credits group coordinates responses to various OECD policy negotiations
  • NGOs critique hydropower association voluntary assessment tool
  • St. Kitts reimburses Italy for official export credit financed fraudulent hydrofoil debt 
  • Jubilee Australia reponds to EFIC draft Social and Environment Policy and Procedure proposals
  • New study urges EU to include ECA subsidies in efforts to enforce human rights compliance (PDF)
  • Canada's Bill C-300 with extractive industry guidelines narrowly defeated
  • EFIC goes underground in West Africa

September 2010

  • ECA aircraft credits generate controversy
  • Exxon Mobil's ECA backed LNG project in PNG attacked
  • US Export-Import Bank Votes for final commitment on Sasan coal fired power project
  • Export Import Bank Urged to End Fossil Fuel Binge and Support Renewables
  • China's export credit insurance corporation reports major growth
  • Gunns' proposed Tasmania pulp mill seeks Austrian and Finnish ECA support
  • Despite US drilling moratorium, ExIm to approve Mexican drilling
  • Nabucco in Talks With OECD ECAs to Finance $10.3 Billion Pipeline
  • First European export credit bond deal closed
  • USEC Submits Update to Loan Guarantee Application

August 2010

  • August 2010 - Issue not published during summer vacation period

July 2010

  • July 2010 - Issue not published during summer vacation period

June 2010

  • European ECA support to carbon intensive industries
  • How The Planet Pays The Price For Europe's Export Credits
  • UN urges responsible ECA lending to protect human rights
  • ECGD: The Department for Dodgy Deals
  • Chilean Communities & CSOs Urge US Ex-Im Bank to Reject Pascua Lama mine
  • New debt creating export fund condemned by Spanish civil society
  • Combating bribery in US$1.5 trillion export credit market requires stronger action
  • More fraud hits US ExIm Bank
  • Export credit agencies fill finance gap
  • UK MP asks for figures on ECGD fossil fuel project support
  • EADS: Many Banks Will Not Return To Aircraft Financing while ECAs will grow

May 2010

  • What's New reader survey
  • Exxon gets US ExIm Bank Funding After Paying for Trip
  • Export Credit Agency policies are not coherent with EU climate change policies (PDF)
  • Construction restarts at controversial Ilisu dam
  • Trade credit insurance faces overhaul
  • WTO brokers trade finance talks for banks, regulators
  • Brazil Government To Create Exim Bank, Boost Export Incentives
  • SACE elected to the Board of the African Trade Insurance Agency

April 2010

  • Activists fight ECGD's child labour policy reversal
  • New FERN report: The Changing Landscape of ECAs & the Global Financial Crisis
  • Talks Aim to Curb Jet Subsidy
  • Banks push G20 to reform trade finance regulation
  • China's export credit insurance keeps rising in Q1
  • China: Not the Rogue Dam Builder We Feared It would Be?
  • Atradius DSB considers support for Congo's Port Autonome de Pointe Noire (PAPN)

March 2010

  • ECA Watch comments on ECG climate sector proposals
  • US Ex-Im Bank's Carbon Policy Criticized by Environmental Groups
  • Amnesty International calls for human rights due diligence by ECAs and their clients
  • Australian ECA in Papua New Guinea - Why the secrecy? (Podcast summary)
  • UK Exporters call for state-backed trade finance
  •  Dutch ECA insures large loans provided by shipyard to attract investments
  • Canadian firms dominate mining in Africa - and have a bad human rights record
  • Europe-wide protests against Turkish banks over Ilisu financing  
  • JBIC and NEXI publish lists of new projects
  • Ecuador halts talks with China's Export Import Bank on hydro power financing

February 2010

  • Legal Challenge Launched of UK Serious Fraud Office's BAE settlement
  • Turkey announces restart of Ilisu construction
  • Back to square one on nuclear export subsidies from Germany
  • European airlines seek end to home market export credit limits
  • Revisions proposed to OPIC's environmental, transparency, worker rights and human rights policies
  • OECD proposes new sector understanding on export credits for climate change & water projects
  • India's ECA monitors export credit risks of European economies in crisis
  • EU Plans Massive Sanctions Against Iran
  • Credit Insurance: You Want It, But Can You Get It? ECAs Cushion the Blow 

January 2010

  • ECA Watch & Amnesty International outline OECD Common Approaches evaluation issues (PDF)
  • ECA Watch urges G-20 not to exclude ECAs from fossil fuel subsidies analysis (PDF)
  • Risky Business: Shining a spotlight on Australia's export credit agency
  • Export credit agencies to the rescue of trade finance
  • Developing countries want WTO study of protectionist impact of bailout & stimulus packages.
  • ECGD releases BTC Pipeline assessment documents
  • ECGD rules raise child labour fears
  • China continues to develop export credit insurance to support trade
  • ECAs come to the rescue of Boeing and Airbus
  • Iran's Export Guarantee Fund Eyes Berne Union Membership
  • Eskom signs R13bn (US$1.7Bn) loan agreement with Coface
  • Israeli Credit Insurance Company boosts exports by more than US$268 million