Index for 2011

December 2011

  • OECD fails to agree on revised Common Approaches on export credit & the environment
  • Outrage at UK's $1bn export credit loan deal with Brazil oil giant
  • Export credit guarantees: The real cause of developing country debt
  • ECA Watch submission to the UN Working Group on Human Rights and Business (PDF)
  • UK Ministers accused of fiddling aid figures with 'made-up money'
  • Berne Union voices concerns about world trade
  • Boeing sees no aircraft financing gap in 2012
  • The Brookings Institution - Population Displacement and Export Credit
  • CEDHA outlines violations of Equator Principles of mining project under ECA consideration (PDF)
  • Nigeria's NEXIM Bank Disburses N70bn, $322m
  • Santos Obtains $1.2 Billion in Debt Financing to Help Fund LNG Projects
  • US business worries Eximbank may hit credit ceiling

November 2011

  • ECA Watch submissions to 14 Nov OECD ECWG meeting
  • US air carriers launch lawsuit against US Ex-Im over Boeing subsidies
  • Eurodad report on ECAs and debt to be released 6 December
  • Indian Export-Import Bank Act increases capital five fold
  • Friends of the Earth Japan petitions against nuclear exports
  • Ukraine sets up export credit agency
  • Listening project documents the impacts of ECA supported Exxon LNG project in PNG
  • Prague Club meets in Oman
  • Indonesian Eximbank lending goes mostly to palm oil
  • Portuguese short-term export credit ruled a breach of EU competition law
  • China Ex-Im in scandal over Guyanese airport contract
  • UK ECA ECGD is rebranded as UK Export Finance

October 2011

  • Commonwealth summit hears of export, credit guarantees to help poor nations
  • Annual report of UN independent expert on debt and human rights focuses on export credit agencies
  • Europe Gives Export Credits to Chinese Airbus
  • NGOs Question U.S. Ex-Im Bank $1.5 billion Nigerian Power Deal
  • Wells Fargo Bank loan officer in large ECA fraud case to plead guilty
  • Wall Street Analysts Warn of Export-credit Satellite Financing Bubble
  • UK exporters report trouble accessing export credit
  • Johan Schrijver of Atradius elected President of Berne Union
  • Four ECA financed Dutch corvettes for Vietnam
  • OECD to negotiate new Common Approaches on ECAs and environment 14 November 2011
  • India's Export Credit Guarantee Corporation imposes stringent rules for exports to Syria & Greece
  • UK government fails to keep green pledge
  • Britain demands Egypt repay millions lent for arms deals

September 2011

  • Is lending in the aircraft financing market going down?
  • New appointments for UK ECGD export advisory panel
  • Australia's Productivity Commission to launch inquiry into EFIC
  • India's seafood exports under strain as export credit costs rise
  • UK's official export credit agency is back 'on cover' for Libya
  • Islamic export credit, political risk insurance boost for ICIEC
  • India has doubled its lines of credit (LOC) to Africa
  • Indian companies turn to Chinese loans to cuts export costs
  • Dutch development and export credit money wasted on harbour in Guatemala
  • European legislation forces export credit agencies to be more transparent

August 2011

  • Angry landowner attacks expat staff at ECA financed LNG project in PNG - project work halted
  • U.S. Export-Import Bank breaks record for loan authorizations
  • Investment and trade insurers poised to resume Libyan activity once fighting eases
  • September 2011 version of the OECD administered Arrangement on Official Export Credit now available
  • FoE Japan petition to end Japanese government promotion of nuclear exports

July 2011

  • ECA supported arms trade and the Greek debt crisis
  • 14th OECD ECA/CSO Consultation
  • Brazilian miner MMX taps banks & ECAS for $1.8 Billion mine expansion
  • Germany debates supporting nuclear power plants in other countries
  • How plane makers and others help airlines buy jets
  • US business divided over Ex-Im reauthorization
  • Bahrain gets capital markets boost with ECA support
  • ECGD underwrites military sales to United Arab Emirates

June 2011

  • US Ex-Im Bank review of Nigeria Banking Facility and potential malfeasance
  • Giving human rights credit: EU countries agree to toughen export loan scrutiny
  • Financing nuclear times
  • Zimbabwe owes Britain's ECDG £190,4 million
  • Gulf Carriers to Outpace Old Europe With Cargo Expansion: Freight Markets
  • U.S. must confront China export advantages: Eximbank PDF
  • Germany's Hermes maintains international top position in reader survey

May 2011

  • U.N. Committee expresses deep concern over rights violations at Ilisu dam in Turkey
  • Australia: EFIC's new Environment and Social Policy brings welcome changes
  • Amnesty expresses disappointment at lack of human rights policy in Common Approaches
  • Minutes of the proceedings of the 527th meeting of the EU Export Credits Group
  • US, Europe and Canada in civil aviation market conflict
  • Russia readies launch of Export Credit and Investment Insurance Agency
  • Ghana to join African Trade Insurance Agency
  • China Pledges Measures To Level Competitive Playing Field For US, Chinese Firms

April 2011

  • WTO trade negotiations over export credits are at an impasse
  • US Ex-Im Bank adopts Equator Principles & finances largest ever carbon emitting project
  • European Parliament demands that Export Credit Agencies open up
  • In search of a level playing field: the 2011 Aircraft Sector Understanding
  • Huawei's $30 Billion Chinese ECA Credit Opens Doors in Brazil, Mexico
  • U.S. Boosts Farm-Export-Credit Assistance by $2.7 Billion
  • Time to end the underwriting of unethical business abroad
  • World Bank to limit funding for coal-fired power stations

March 2011

  • BP violating human rights rules in ECA supported project, says UK government
  • EC opens in-depth investigations into short‑term export-credit support at Ducroire and SACE BT
  • EC approves extension of Danish short-term export credit scheme
  • Campaigners dressed as maids demand governments clean up their exports
  • OECD wants creation of a maximum 12-year term for aircraft export credit support
  • US Government studies reorganization of trade agencies to promote competitiveness
  • J.P. Morgan signs agreement with SINOSURE
  • Arab Fund Lends Sudan $360 Million for New Airport, Two Dams

February 2011

  • UK export push 'could create toxic debt'
  • Commission opens in-depth investigations into short‑term credits of Belgian & Italian ECAs 
  • Greater export credit agency accountability needed – but how?
  • Will U.S. Taxpayers Be Asked to Finance Environmental Devastation in South Africa?
  • EU Finds China Gives Aid to telecommunication equipment makers
  • China study finds EU subsidized telecom firms 
  • Government and Atradius Dutch State Business launch SME export accelerator  (Dutch text)
  • UBA, HSBC Sign $100m OECD ECA backed loan deal

January 2011

  • Jubilee Debt report finds 96% of Third World debt to UK comes from failed exports
  • Aircraft financing to emerge from the gloom in 2011
  • Chinese export credits push international competition and controversy
  • UK Trade Minister Urged to Expand Export Support to Green Firms
  • Australia's Ferra lands exclusive military contract with ECA help
  • Argentina to repay Paris Club defaulted debt
  • FERN Briefing on ECAs and Climate Change
  • Swedish ECA dividend helps reduce government deficit