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November 2015

  • Petrobras secures US$1.84bn in export credit from ECAs
  • Sinosure executive dies days after corruption probe started
  • Ukraine sets up export credit agency
  • Tata Group Gets $500 Million of Canada Export Credit Financing

October 2015

  • House Votes Overwhelmingly to Reopen the Ex-Im Bank
  • U.S. and Japan to announce deal curbing ECA coal financing
  • GasLog Ltd. Completes $1.3 Billion Financing Facility
  • Why Japan's Climate Action Deserves a Failing Grade
  • UKEF lending Roman Abramovich's company £45m
  • Corporate Welfare for the Kochs [via ECAs] - New York Times
  • Russia's Gazprombank chairman says Yamal LNG financing [including ECAs] is in final stages
  • Italy’s SACE export credit agency losses €3 bln due to sanctions vs Russia
  • Canada’s export credit agency sets up Africa-focused Joburg office
  • Sullivan & Worcester’s annual export credit agency finance update
  • Finnvera Group’s Interim Report for January-September 2015
  • Russia to provide Cuba with 1.2-bln-euro export credit for construction of power plants
  • Oman's ORPIC to use debt to finance most of $5.2 bln plastics plant
  • SACE agrees to over 1 billion Euro line of credit for UAE

September 2015

  • China's 'highly polluting project' decision to spur coal export credit subsidy talks
  • Crédit Agricole announces new coal power policy: Major blow for Croatian coal plant
  • 63 CSOs Call on JBIC to Reject Financing for Batang Coal Plant in Indonesia
  • General Electric to shift engine plant to Canada, creating 350 jobs
  • OECD Export Credit consultation with CSOs
  • Banks to Unveil the Future of Project Financing in the Oil and Gas Sector This November in London
  • International Chamber of Commerce launches Global Export Finance Committee
  • Ilisu dam protest
  • Zimbabwean firms to get export insurance
  • Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB): regional solution or global threat?
  • Dutch export credit agency can finance Russia’s shipbuilding projects despite sanctions

August 2015

  • New coal-fired power enjoys support among bankers in Germany and Asia
  • Chinese lenders lead team to finance Indian coal power plant in Zambia
  • Europeans Rush to Profit from Iran Deal
  • Boeing strikes back hard at Export-Import bank opponents
  • SACE tops ECA table, as big-hitters see slowdown
  • WTO to partner with Nigeria's NEXIM bank to promote regional trade
  • Finnvera Group’s Interim Report for January-June 2015

July 2015

  • Senate Resurrection of Export-Import Bank Stalled by Divided House
  • EU tries again for compromise on deal to phase out coal aid via ECAs
  • France’s plans to end coal export credits at risk of cancellation
  • First ever offshore renminbi (RMB) financing - UKEF aircraft support
  • Italy, UK and Korea see billions in export boost from lifting of Iran sanctions
  • Japan's NEXI halts export insurance cover for Venezuela
  • U.S. Ex-Im Bank Suspends $1 Billion Loan for Energy in India
  • Moody's: Boeing will be hardest hit if Congress does not revive Ex-Im Bank
  • Russia extends military export credit of USD 200 million to Armenian

June 2015

  • First ECA-OECD Guidelines complaint submitted on Suape, Pernambuco, Brazil
  • Dutch state violates own CSR procedures in Egypt's Suez Canal Expansion
  • Congress lets Export-Import Bank expire
  • OECD ECAs in stalemate over coal subsidy phase-out
  • More than $73bn of international public finance was given to coal between 2007 and 2014 via credit export agencies
  • Germany's KfW IPEX Bank finances non-polluting shipping AND fossil fuel carriers!
  • Sace guarantees US$200mn for Sonangol
  • US Ex-im: Conservatives vs Big Business
  • General Electric Says They'll Move Jobs Overseas If Ex-Im Bank Ends
  • Gulf countries receive billions in Ex-Im Bank subsidies
  • Dutch state violates own CSR procedures in Egypt's Suez Canal Expansion
  • First ECA-OECD Guidelines complaint submitted on Suape, Pernambuco, Brazil
  • UKEF reports achievement of enhanced capabilities in 2014-15
  • Will NewSat’s Failure Dim Ex-Im’s Appetite for Satellite Deals?
  • UK guaranteed over £130m in loans for repressive governments to spend on arms
  • Russia’s Sberbank and Italy’s Sace sign MoU
  • Despite sanctions on Russia ECA-backed business continues
  • $2 billion line of credit to Bangladesh to create 50,000 Indian jobs

May 2015

  • Deal to phase out rich-world coal export subsidies elusive
  • Cole Commission pushes for UKTI-UKEF merger
  • SACE signs agreement in support of Iranian ECA
  • Sace, Sinosure sign reinsurance agreement
  • Russia’s VEB ramps up business in China
  • Belarus, China's Eximbank sign loan agreements
  • Top Obama Export-Import Bank appointee joins Boeing
  • The Crony Boondoggle For Ex-Im Bank Insiders
  • Democrats mobilise to force vote on US Ex-Im's reauthorisation
  • Conference: Insurers and ECAs team up for European exports (video)

April 2015

  • Atradius Dutch State Business Vows Sustained Cooperation with ICIEC
  • Actions on GAO Recommendations since Ex-Im 2012 Reauthorization
  • Former Loan Officer at Ex-Im Pleads Guilty to Accepting Bribes
  • Brazil’s Petrobras secures loans to cover 2015 operations, investments
  • Repubicans grill Ex-Im President over failure to negotiate OECD Arrangement subsidies
  • China Aircraft Leasing lands its first ECA-backed financing
  • Novatek May Secure $5 Billion From ECAs For Russian Arctic Project
  • SACE raises level of support for exports to Cuba
  • China expands export credits
  • World Bank body to help Turkey grow export sector

March 2015

  • Petrobras scandal project received millions from UKEF and UKTI
  • Three Individuals Charged with Defrauding Banks and USDA Export Financing Program
  • New Report Sheds Light on Overseas Coal Financing by Export Credit Agencies
  • Reuters: Rich nations’ fossil fuel export funding dwarfs green spend - documents
  • Australian government resists US moves against ECA support for coal power
  • US Senators release new Export-Import Bank blueprint
  • Emirates picks banks to arrange Islamic bond with UKEF backing
  • Canadan and US ECAs finance South African purchase of Bombardier and GE locomotives
  • UK and Mexico sign memorandum to further expand and finance trade
  • EBRD and Taiwan ECA join forces
  • Belarus to negotiate export credit with Russian banks
  • Nine Chinese companies keen to build Bangladesh port with export credit
  • Bernardo Attolico appointed head of Debt Capital Markets at SACE

February 2015

  • France to transfer export credit programmes to Banque d’Investissement Publique
  • Export credit and human rights: Failure to Protect
  • French Rafale Fighter Jet Wins First Export Sale
  • Beijing provides export credit support for military exports
  • Rich world ECAs helping bankroll export of coal technology-data
  • Export Credit guarantees look to widen Islamic finance landscape
  • Gulf Banks Help Underwrite Region’s Aviation Boom
  • Korean ECA supplies 60 million Euro credit to Cuba
  • Sinosure deal suggests big plans for Chinese shipping and offshore drilling
  • ECIC supports the expansion of South African businesses in Africa
  • Bonny Island LNG Bribery Scandal Returns
  • Lobbying on U.S. export credit agency ramps up among critics, backers
  • Coalition lobbies US Export-Import bank on Barrier Reef

January 2015

  • MEPs challenge Trade Commissioner on controversial paper contradicting EU policy on coal financing
  • Some coal plant exports should get financial aid: EU policy paper
  • UK Government Has Given £1.76 Billion To Fossil Fuel Industries Abroad Since 2010
  • No mention of Export-Import Bank in President Obama’s State of the Union Address
  • Skeptics Doubtful of U.S. Telecom Investment in Broadband-Starved Cuba
  • China needs more measures to boost exports
  • Pakistan’s Exim Bank to be set up through executive order
  • Pakistan’s Mobilink tests export credit guarantee for sukuk
  • Zimbabwe: Govt in Bid to Boost Export Credits
  • Export Credit Remains Strong for Satellite Industry

December 2014

  • ECA Watch releases report 'ECAs and Human Rights: Failure to Protect'
  • Boeing expects ECAs to cover 15% of new aircraft finance
  • Biggest Arctic Gas Project Seeks Route Around US Russia Sanctions
  • Government should protect Dutch exports against corruption
  • Swiss and Chinese ECAs asked to fund bloated Bangladesh power plant costs
  • Italy’s small food-makers - Export or die? Is Small Beautiful?
  • UK Export Finance appoints former banker to head up its international business development division
  • SEK Securities is Merged into SEK
  • Ex-Im Bank Finances Export of American-made Bridge Components to Cameroon

November 2014

  • Activists demand end of massive OECD support for fossil fuels
  • Activists demand end of massive OECD support for fossil fuels
  • ECAs and human rights to be discussed at UN Forum on Business and Human Rights
  • ’Record year’ for bank coal financing as latest UN climate warning looms
  • France to stop export credits for coal projects in developing countries
  • Japan coal power plant export push hits U.S. Resistance
  • US/China economic negotiations include new export credit guidelines
  • NGOs question Italy’s SACE intent to support Mochovce nuclear plant
  • Financing banks and ECAs announced for SOCAR STAR refinery in Turkey
  • Korean ECA defrauded by ’cool’ client
  • Britain’s export credit agency targets small business as banks retreat
  • UK export credit agency to guarantee sukuk bond for first time
  • Republicans rekindle fight over U.S. export lender
  • Russia to extend US$270m export credit to Armenia for extending nuclear power operation
  • Coface and US Ex-Im compete for satellite industry subsidies

October 2014

  • ECA Watch launches Map on popular alternatives
  • Controversial Suez canal expansion contract signed
  • ECA Watch expresses concern over ECA plans to continue coal financing
  • Japan coal power plant export push hits U.S. resistance
  • Exporters fail on pledge to curb bribery: Transparency International
  • Mapping popular alternative proposals for envisioning infrastructure
  • US Congress approves Ex-Im reauthorization only to June 2015
  • US, Brazil reach agreement to end US export subsidies for cotton
  • Russia provides $10bn credit for nuclear power plant construction in Belarus
  • Korea Eximbank seeks lead in Northeast Asia's Development
  • Ex-Im Bank Underwrites $1 Billion Guarantee of Pemex Bonds

September 2014

  • Indian exporters meet
  • US ethanol stocks dive after Brazilian export credit announced
  • Nigeria’s NEXIM Bank and the Task of Export Promotion
  • UK Export Finance invites partners to help deliver £3 billion of export credit loans
  • UKEF Aerospace Head Says Capital markets key to future funding for aviation markets
  • India tightens Vietnam defence with US$100 million export credit
  • India, Japan sign deal for export credit of $152 million
  • Poland slashes export insurance rates to bolster produce exports banned from Russia
  • Improvement of export credit facilities needed to drive Irish Food Harvest 2020

August 2014

  • How Politicians Are Trying To Fund Overseas Coal Projects Under The Guise Of Eliminating US Ex-Im Bank
  • GAO finds Ex-Im monitoring of defense exports weak
  • Fix export credit for Indian SMEs to achieve $750 bn target by 2018-19

July 2014

  • OECD ECAs Supported 26% of large commercial aircraft sales 2008-2013
  • British taxpayers underwrote ECA deals worth £140m by Cayman Islands firm
  • Indian ECA signs agreement with BRICS ECAs
  • Private sector white paper on the trade credit insurance environment
  • Export-Import Bank: Status of GAO Recommendations on Risk Management, Exposure Forecasting, and Workload Issues
  • Sinosure business up by 19.2%
  • French Foreign Minister Calls for End to Public Fossil Fuel Subsidies

June 2014

  • Republicans escalate battle for closure of U.S. Export Import Bank
  • Officials at Ex-Im Bank Face Investigations
  • Export credit finance for coal under fire
  • Oil Change International publishes online Coal Subsidies Toolkit
  • $80 Million Judgment Entered Against BNP Paribas for False USDA Export Credit Claims
  • US, UK and Dutch government coalition seeks to limit export credit financing for coal plants
  • US Ex-Im 2013 Competitiveness Report provides tidbits of OECD ECA data

May 2014

  • NGOs endorse call for OECD ECAs to end all support for high carbon projects
  • Protesters burn vehicles, buildings at controversial New Caledonia nickel mine
  • U.S. Ex-Im Should Pull Funding From Exxon’s Deadly PNG Pipeline Project
  • Video “Tatuoca, a stolen island“ documents ECA impacts on Brazilian communities
  • China committed to Russian gas project
  • Argentina and Paris Club agree to resumption of ECA debt payments
  • European Commission publishes 2012 report on member ECA actvities
  • SACE pledges $100m for Sohar refinery improvement
  • Swedish ECA and Bank of China cooperate on environmental technology

April 2014

  • Battle over US ExIm reauthorization begins again
  • UK Chancellor George Osborne announces export credit scheme
  • Japan Urged To Stop Financing Coal at Obama-Abe Summit
  • Russia’s Aerospace Industry Faces Squeeze Over Sanctions
  • Czech ECA subsidized by Finance Ministry
  • Azeri State Oil Company SOCAR to Sign $3.5 Billion Turkish Refinery Deal
  • Fiji’s ECA faces teething problems

March 2014

  • Australia’s EFIC extends US$100 m loan to BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto for Chile and world’s largest copper mine
  • Rinehart wins Roy Hill funding with ECA support
  • UK Export Finance to end 13 years as operating lessor
  • Boeing: Global aircraft financing market rebalancing away from export credit support
  • ILS To Get Fewer Launches in 2014, Expects Boost from New Russian Export Credit Agency
  • India’s credit risk insurer monitoring Ukraine turmoil for risk assessment
  • Indian ECA adds new credit line for Africa
  • India’s Competition Commission rejects complaint against Export Credit Guarantee Corp
  • EDC Finances Turkey’s AkLease to Create Opportunities for Canadian Equipment Makers
  • Ex-Im Bank Partners With FCIB Association, Accelerates Access to Export Financing
  • Dubai looks to boost trade flows with Sharia-compliant export credit agency

February 2014

  • France Must End Public Financing of Coal
  • OECD Secretary General Angel Gurria calls for zero net fossil fuel emissions by 2050
  • Friends of the Earth France urges Hollande to join Obama in cutting public coal financing
  • India’s RIL to raise over $1 bn through export credit
  • US ready to offer credit for exporters to former pariah Myanmar
  • Brazil govt launches export credit insurance for SMEs
  • Andritz receives Austrian “Eyesore of the Year” award
  • Cape Wind gets $600 million loan for Nantucket offshore wind farm

January 2014

  • OECD Agreement on Export Credits for Rail Infrastructure enters into force
  • Controversial Danish railway purchase guaranteed by SACE
  • Italy’s SACE willing to cooperate with Belarusbank
  • Czech export bank and insurer targeted in police swoop
  • India’s SBI and the Export-Import Bank of Korea sign agreement for Line of Credit
  • Indian ECA reluctant to take up $6-bn export deal

December 2013

  • German human rights organizations sue Ministry of Economics over ECA transparency
  • Boeing sees export credits waning as aircraft funding source
  • US Export-Import Bank Board Adopts Revised Environmental Guidelines to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Why US Export-Import Bank Backs Australian Billionaire Heiress Gina Rinehart
  • Aman Union Launches Export Credit Database
  • Russian VTB Bank boosts trade and export finance business
  • Novel structure for Chinese export credit bond

November 2013

  • Do Swedish ECAs support exports at the expense of human rights?
  • Hold The Applause on UK Coal Financing Announcement
  • Still exporting destruction: A civil society assessment of Export Credit Agencies’ compliance with EU Regulation (PE-CONS 46/11)
  • Hold the applause on UK no-coal finance announcement
  • Do Swedish ECAs support exports at the expense of human rights?
  • US Caterpillar jobs bouyed by Australian Roy Hill iron mine and US Ex-Im
  • Aircraft orders focus attention on export credit
  • Australian ECA EFIC annual report shows rising loans
  • Human rights Institutes concerned about OECD Common Approaches
  • Sri Lanka foreign export credits led by China
  • UK Export Finance and Korea

October 2013

  • CSOs request ECAs discontinue financing of coal projects
  • Civil Society groups request ECAs discontinue financing of coal projects
  • European Parliament approves anti-corruption and human rights report
  • Ex-Im Bank Supports Export of U.S. Aircraft for Food Security in Brazil
  • Vnesheconombank and the Export-Import Bank of China Sign Framework Agreement
  • Jubilee Australia calls for review of Australian ECA links to Leighton Holdings bribery scandal
  • OECD Working Party on Export Credits Consultation with Civil Society
  • Aircraft-backed bonds grow as ECA and commercial bank finance slows
  • Atradius Dutch State Business expands Dutch export financing pool to non-OECD banks
  • Berne Union elects new officers
  • German Seminar on OECD Common Approaches - 11 November 2013 - Berlin

September 2013

  • US Ex-Im and OPIC brace for shutdown
  • Turkish Export Credit Bank plans to give $300 million credit facility to Pakistan
  • Are US Senators regretting Ex-Im vote?
  • POTATOMATION: Jubilee Australia brings its concerns about the ECA-backed PNG LNG project to the Sydney Fringe Festival
  • OECD 2012 ECA Bribery Survey Responses Now Available
  • US and French ECAs Keep Spigots Open for Space Ventures
  • Nigeria seeks NEXIMs support on ECOWAS trade
  • European ECAs to Fund Russian Superjet Project
  • BNDES president says Cuba and Angola have requested confidentiality in financing contracts
  • U.S. Export-Import Bank Hindered by Budget Fight, Hochberg Says
  • NEXIM Bank - Repositioning for Nigeria's Non-Oil Exports
  • Rinehart Record Debt Lures Even as China Slows: Australia Credit
  • Miami Businesswoman Sentenced In US Export-Import Bank Fraud
  • Aureus Mining Given US$88 Million South African ECA Support

August 2013

  • Export credit agencies step into the breach
  • Oman weighs credit risks on Egypt exports
  • Atradius DSB supports fewer applications but doubles risk exposure
  • ECAs and satellite financing

July 2013

  • Ex-Im Bank Halts U.S. Funding Review for Vietnam Coal Plant
  • Australian coal projects could be ineligible to receive Chinese ECA support
  • Amnesty - UK Export Finance is sacrificing human rights on the altar of foreign trade
  • U.K. ECA Seeks Looser Rules To Level Playing Field
  • Boeing Sees Aircraft-Backed Bond Issues Doubling to $30 Billion
  • Australia’s Rinehart clears hurdles on $10 B iron ore project
  • Africa: Russian Investment Needs Credit Support
  • Parliament Approves $200mln Capital Increase for Export Guarantee Fund of Iran
  • Ministerial Meeting on Mobilizing Climate Finance Includes ECAs
  • US Ex-Im report grades competitiveness with other ECAs

June 2013

  • NGOs, Civil Society warn Coface on guarantees for Kaliningrad nuclear plant
  • Export Bank’s Aid to Coal Curbed Under Obama Overseas Pledge
  • GAO: Export-Import Bank Needs Improved Risk Management and Reporting
  • First JBIC Credit Line to Support of Japanese Company Exports to Mongolia
  • UK export finance support to British exporters at 12-year high
  • First Canadian Dim Sum bonds as EDC sells debt
  • EDC Releases Annual CSR Report
  • Another Expensive Trade Credit Insurance Report on Europe

May 2013

  • Export-Import Bank: Additional Analysis and Information Could Better Inform Congress on Exposure, Risk, and Resources
  • Airliner Export Credit Feels the Political Heat
  • Delta Airlines wants to stop Ex-Im help on big jets
  • Canadian export agency might finance Nigeria’s ailing aviation sector.
  • Canadian Central bank's new governor brings export expertise
  • Islamic Development Bank unit launches sovereign sukuk credit insurance
  • International Activists Block Ilısu Dam Construction
  • Record amount of trade credit insured by Berne Union members
  • Australian PM Gillard Backs PNG Gas Plant
  • More Detailed Information about Ex-Im Bank Jobs Calculation Methodology Could Improve Transparency
  • Masdar and Ex-ImBank Sign MoU to Deploy U.S. Clean Technology

April 2013

  • ECA Watch launches new website
  • When will Coface and Société Générale follow BNP & HypoVereinsbank and withdraw from Kaliningrad nuclear plant?
  • NGOs warn banks not to further finance PNG LNG project
  • Jubilee Australia Urges 'Don't ignore Productivity Commission recommendations for ECA reform'
  • Chinese Government Guidelines for Overseas Investment
  • Atradius Dutch State Business and Exiar join forces to stimulate Dutch-Russian trade
  • Ministerial Meeting on Mobilizing Climate Finance Includes ECAs
  • China: PICC issues first single short-term export credit insurance
  • Telefónica gets €200m from EDC for spending spree to help prop up BlackBerry
  • China Exim Bank to Increase Shipping Loans to $14bn in 2013

March 2013

  • GAO Flags Need for Continued Improvements in Ex-Im Risk Management
  • Open Letter to Andritz Company Concerning Construction of the Ilisu Dam
  • Corruption in Africa: It Takes Two to Tango
  • Al-Karaana Petrochemicals Complex, Qatar to be largely ECA financed
  • ECGC of India to open its first overseas office in London

February 2013

  • World Bank’s private sector finance arm doesn’t know environmental & social impacts of much of its portfolio
  • Mission reports dramatic social & environment impacts of Dutch ECA supported dredging projects in Brazil
  • China Asks Companies to Mind Environment When Investing Overseas
  • How Berlin and Beijing tilted world trade [with ECA support]
  • EDC immunity from scrutiny: Canada’s Access to Information Act hobbles democracy
  • New guidelines adopted on European short-term export-credit insurance
  • Nigerian ECA NEXIM and the burden of transformation
  • Wind projects look to export finance as new markets open
  • Pacific Drilling Pens Export Credit Facility for Drillship Construction

January 2013

  • Turkish court orders suspension of Ilisu dam construction
  • New EU Commission rules on short-term export credit insurance cover
  • China: Export credit coverage exceeds $300 billion in 2012
  • PICC challenges Sinosure monopoly in Chinese short-term export credit
  • Russia inks $800 million export credit deal with Serbia
  • OECD releases export credit documents

December 2012

  • Lawsuit targets US Ex-Im LNG fossil fuel project threatening Great Barrier Reef
  • How ECAs create debts and inflate aid budgets: the example of Sudan
  • Business credit insurance emerges as new Chinese tool
  • US & China establish multilateral ECA working group on international guidelines
  • New report concerned Australian Government put profits before PNG welfare
  • Oxfam Australia submission to EFIC on Mongolian Copper-Gold Mine project
  • ECAs and IFIs Financing Human Rights Abuse
  • Consultation between OECD Export Credit Committees & CSOs
  • India's Government Auditor criticizes ECA ECGC for inadequate controls

November 2012

  • Scale of UK arms loans to dictators revealed for first time
  • Credit insurer Atradius concludes cooperation agreement with Petrobras
  • First Guidance on Social Responsibility of China’s International Project Contracting Industry
  • The New Great Walls: A Guide to China’s Overseas Dam Industry
  • IDB approves $153 million to set up IDB-China Eximbank Equity Investment Platform
  • Obama Administration Fossil Fuel Subsidies Undermine Climate Talks
  • Italian export-credit agency SACE opens Mumbai office
  • Afreximbank Gets $30m From EDC To Boost Africa-Canada Trade
  • Nigeria's NEXIM Partners Turkish Bank to Develop Non-Oil Sector

October 2012

  • De facto ECA subsidies for exporters raise concerns
  • Stop irresponsible investment in Indonesian pulp mills
  • Finvera & OeKB review support for Brazil's Category A Eldorado pulp project
  • EU briefing Paper: Export Finance Activities by the Chinese Government (PDF)
  • Berne Union members claim to support 10% of world exports
  • Zimbabwe: Agribank Secures US$30 million South African ECA backed loan
  • UK Export Finance chief executive to stand down
  • S&P downgrade shakes trade credit insurer Atradius
  • U.S. Ex-Im Bank Signs Co-financing Agreements to Facilitate U.S. Export Sales

September 2012

  • Australia's EFIC considers financing Mongolia's Oyu Tolgoi Copper-Gold Mine
  • Ex-Im Bank approves $2 billion loan to Barakah nuclear power project in UAE
  • Ex-Im Bank touts 18K U.S. jobs in $5B loan for Saudi petrochemical complex
  • Government of Spain selling off 50% of CESCE
  • Ex-Im Bank Spurs ECA Backed Bond Rush to Finance Boeing Planes
  • Crédit Agricole launches ECA backed bonds
  • Beijing to increase export credit insurance to small companies
  • €450m plan to develop new Irish export products criticized by exporters
  • Diversion of Tigris river completed, construction of controversial Ilisu dam to begin
  • U.S. Ex-Im Satellite Loans Likely To Hit $1.4B

August 2012

  • Draft version of Equator Principles III released for comments
  • Lawsuit Launched Against Multi-billion-$ U.S. Ex-Im Subsidy of Fossil Fuel Projects in Australia
  • Six Export Credit Agencies Offer Indonesian Ferro-Nickel Smelter Funding
  • Barrick Gold reveals exorbitant cost overruns on ECA rejected Pascua Lama mine (PDF)
  • Gazprom Neft secures 10-year EUR 258 million loan covered by Czech ECA
  • New Ex-Im Bank Loans Guarantee Pre-Delivery Interest Rates
  • Will Pemex bonds trigger new wave of ECA capital guarantees?
  • Indian ECA ECGC expects more claims as EU crisis continues
  • Ten Ethiopian Boeing B787s Mainly Financed by J.P. Morgan with US Ex-Im Guarantee

July 2012

  • OECD Council ratifies Recommendation on Common Approaches
  • UK offers $1bn credit line to controversial Brazilian deep-sea drilling
  • Russia agrees to US$3.4 billion export credit for 2 Indian nuclear power plants
  • The Community Good - a report on the Influence of the ECA supported PNG LNG Project
  • New EFIC Complaints Mechanism
  • Tycoon's ECA dependent $10 billion mine faces finance delays
  • Pakistan's Board of Investment to establish export credit fund to attract Italian investors
  • EDC issues annual corporate social responsibility report

June 2012

  • OECD's ECG lags in reporting on ECA activities
  • State aid: European Commission consults on short-term export credit insurance
  • "Wild West" export financing needs taming - ExIm's Fred Hochberg
  • OECD's ECG lags in reporting on ECA activities
  • Irish Exporters warn credit insurance may hit Spanish trade
  • Greek Retailers, Importers See Shortages Emerging As ECA Credit Dries Up
  • Chinese Bank Dim Sum Sales Leap to Back Export Credit
  • Trade welcomes increase in export credit refinancing limit
  • Russia's Sberbank, U.S. Ex-Im Bank Sign Memorandum on Trade
  • Turkish Eximbank Almost Doubles One-Year Loan to 224 Million Euros

May 2012

  • What's New April 2012
  • US Congress re-authorizes Export-Import Bank
  • Export-Import Bank finances coal exports
  • OECD's ECG approves new Common Approaches
  • China willing to reform export credit system: U.S. official
  • Growing demand for Political Risk & Trade Credit Insurance prompts increased use of public ECAs
  • PFA Pension, EKF Boost Export Finance to Help Vestas, Renewables
  • NEXIM Bank sells Nollywood at Cannes film festival
  • U.S. must fall in line on cotton subsidy
  • South Sudan joins membership of African Trade Insurance
  • AfDB Holds Inaugural Syndications and Co-Financiers Meeting in London

April 2012

  • Berne Declaration successfully monitors SERV projects since 1990
  • Battle over reauthorizing the US Ex-Im Bank continues
  • Chinese export credit insurance reaches $216.24b in '11
  • Illinois Soybean Association calls for Cuba ExIm eligibility
  • Vietnam ministry to pay 20% of export credit premiums
  • Berne Union Reports Members Insure $1.8 Trillion of International Trade, Investment
  • Norway Announces State-Owned Replacement for Eksportfinans
  • Measures to encourage Russian manufactured exports with new ECA
  • Gazprom-Led South Stream Hires Banks for Gas Pipeline Financing

March 2012

  • US Senate votes down Export-Import Bank re-authorization
  • Barrick Gold Fails to Obtain Export Credit Financing for Pascua Lama mine in Chile
  • Australia's Productivity Commission hearing puts spotlight on Australia's Export Credit Agency
  • European, Japanese taxpayers unwittingly underwrite continued forest and tiger habitat destruction
  • Changes to Norwegian export financing regulations on the horizon
  • Berlin trying to interfere at EADS, threatening ECA guarantees
  • Vital energy mission for Japanese ECA JIBC
  • Opinion: Export credit helps plug green finance gap
  • Ottawa to prolong EDC’s domestic lending role

February 2012

  • US GAO report comes in midst of heated political debate on Ex-Im 
  • US and China agree to negotiate export credit deal
  • A Better Deal? Chinese Finance in Latin America
  • Is Export Credit distorting the market?
  • India not halting insurance cover on exports to Iran
  • Credit guarantees boost German exports to Africa
  • Washington aids Boeing in competition with Bombardier
  • ONDD announces premia changes for selected countries
  • Sri Lanka to get US$ 200 million credit facility from Pakistan
  • OECD considers new shipping export credit rules

January 2012

  • AB Svensk Exportkredit secures long-term Chinese RMB financing for Swedish exporter
  • What will money worries mean for ECA aircraft financing?
  • Ex-Im Bank leads US government and private support for controversial energy projects
  • Bribe in US Ex-Im Bank scam lands former Wells Fargo banker behind bars
  • Report of the 6 Dec. 2011 meeting of the Export Credits Group of the Council of the European Union
  • Turkish Eximbank to extend $750 mln in loans to Tunisia, Libya
  • Australia and South Africa strike gold in UK
  • Prolongation of Danish export credit financing scheme okayed

December 2011

  • OECD fails to agree on revised Common Approaches on export credit & the environment
  • Outrage at UK's $1bn export credit loan deal with Brazil oil giant
  • Export credit guarantees: The real cause of developing country debt
  • ECA Watch submission to the UN Working Group on Human Rights and Business (PDF)
  • UK Ministers accused of fiddling aid figures with 'made-up money'
  • Berne Union voices concerns about world trade
  • Boeing sees no aircraft financing gap in 2012
  • The Brookings Institution - Population Displacement and Export Credit
  • CEDHA outlines violations of Equator Principles of mining project under ECA consideration (PDF)
  • Nigeria's NEXIM Bank Disburses N70bn, $322m
  • Santos Obtains $1.2 Billion in Debt Financing to Help Fund LNG Projects
  • US business worries Eximbank may hit credit ceiling

November 2011

  • ECA Watch submissions to 14 Nov OECD ECWG meeting
  • US air carriers launch lawsuit against US Ex-Im over Boeing subsidies
  • Eurodad report on ECAs and debt to be released 6 December
  • Indian Export-Import Bank Act increases capital five fold
  • Friends of the Earth Japan petitions against nuclear exports
  • Ukraine sets up export credit agency
  • Listening project documents the impacts of ECA supported Exxon LNG project in PNG
  • Prague Club meets in Oman
  • Indonesian Eximbank lending goes mostly to palm oil
  • Portuguese short-term export credit ruled a breach of EU competition law
  • China Ex-Im in scandal over Guyanese airport contract
  • UK ECA ECGD is rebranded as UK Export Finance

October 2011

  • Commonwealth summit hears of export, credit guarantees to help poor nations
  • Annual report of UN independent expert on debt and human rights focuses on export credit agencies
  • Europe Gives Export Credits to Chinese Airbus
  • NGOs Question U.S. Ex-Im Bank $1.5 billion Nigerian Power Deal
  • Wells Fargo Bank loan officer in large ECA fraud case to plead guilty
  • Wall Street Analysts Warn of Export-credit Satellite Financing Bubble
  • UK exporters report trouble accessing export credit
  • Johan Schrijver of Atradius elected President of Berne Union
  • Four ECA financed Dutch corvettes for Vietnam
  • OECD to negotiate new Common Approaches on ECAs and environment 14 November 2011
  • India's Export Credit Guarantee Corporation imposes stringent rules for exports to Syria & Greece
  • UK government fails to keep green pledge
  • Britain demands Egypt repay millions lent for arms deals

September 2011

  • Is lending in the aircraft financing market going down?
  • New appointments for UK ECGD export advisory panel
  • Australia's Productivity Commission to launch inquiry into EFIC
  • India's seafood exports under strain as export credit costs rise
  • UK's official export credit agency is back 'on cover' for Libya
  • Islamic export credit, political risk insurance boost for ICIEC
  • India has doubled its lines of credit (LOC) to Africa
  • Indian companies turn to Chinese loans to cuts export costs
  • Dutch development and export credit money wasted on harbour in Guatemala
  • European legislation forces export credit agencies to be more transparent

August 2011

  • Angry landowner attacks expat staff at ECA financed LNG project in PNG - project work halted
  • U.S. Export-Import Bank breaks record for loan authorizations
  • Investment and trade insurers poised to resume Libyan activity once fighting eases
  • September 2011 version of the OECD administered Arrangement on Official Export Credit now available
  • FoE Japan petition to end Japanese government promotion of nuclear exports

July 2011

  • ECA supported arms trade and the Greek debt crisis
  • 14th OECD ECA/CSO Consultation
  • Brazilian miner MMX taps banks & ECAS for $1.8 Billion mine expansion
  • Germany debates supporting nuclear power plants in other countries
  • How plane makers and others help airlines buy jets
  • US business divided over Ex-Im reauthorization
  • Bahrain gets capital markets boost with ECA support
  • ECGD underwrites military sales to United Arab Emirates

June 2011

  • US Ex-Im Bank review of Nigeria Banking Facility and potential malfeasance
  • Giving human rights credit: EU countries agree to toughen export loan scrutiny