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December 2011

  • OECD fails to agree on revised Common Approaches on export credit & the environment
  • Outrage at UK's $1bn export credit loan deal with Brazil oil giant
  • Export credit guarantees: The real cause of developing country debt
  • ECA Watch submission to the UN Working Group on Human Rights and Business (PDF)
  • UK Ministers accused of fiddling aid figures with 'made-up money'
  • Berne Union voices concerns about world trade
  • Boeing sees no aircraft financing gap in 2012
  • The Brookings Institution - Population Displacement and Export Credit
  • CEDHA outlines violations of Equator Principles of mining project under ECA consideration (PDF)
  • Nigeria's NEXIM Bank Disburses N70bn, $322m
  • Santos Obtains $1.2 Billion in Debt Financing to Help Fund LNG Projects
  • US business worries Eximbank may hit credit ceiling

November 2011

  • ECA Watch submissions to 14 Nov OECD ECWG meeting
  • US air carriers launch lawsuit against US Ex-Im over Boeing subsidies
  • Eurodad report on ECAs and debt to be released 6 December
  • Indian Export-Import Bank Act increases capital five fold
  • Friends of the Earth Japan petitions against nuclear exports
  • Ukraine sets up export credit agency
  • Listening project documents the impacts of ECA supported Exxon LNG project in PNG
  • Prague Club meets in Oman
  • Indonesian Eximbank lending goes mostly to palm oil
  • Portuguese short-term export credit ruled a breach of EU competition law
  • China Ex-Im in scandal over Guyanese airport contract
  • UK ECA ECGD is rebranded as UK Export Finance

October 2011

  • Commonwealth summit hears of export, credit guarantees to help poor nations
  • Annual report of UN independent expert on debt and human rights focuses on export credit agencies
  • Europe Gives Export Credits to Chinese Airbus
  • NGOs Question U.S. Ex-Im Bank $1.5 billion Nigerian Power Deal
  • Wells Fargo Bank loan officer in large ECA fraud case to plead guilty
  • Wall Street Analysts Warn of Export-credit Satellite Financing Bubble
  • UK exporters report trouble accessing export credit
  • Johan Schrijver of Atradius elected President of Berne Union
  • Four ECA financed Dutch corvettes for Vietnam
  • OECD to negotiate new Common Approaches on ECAs and environment 14 November 2011
  • India's Export Credit Guarantee Corporation imposes stringent rules for exports to Syria & Greece
  • UK government fails to keep green pledge
  • Britain demands Egypt repay millions lent for arms deals

September 2011

  • Is lending in the aircraft financing market going down?
  • New appointments for UK ECGD export advisory panel
  • Australia's Productivity Commission to launch inquiry into EFIC
  • India's seafood exports under strain as export credit costs rise
  • UK's official export credit agency is back 'on cover' for Libya
  • Islamic export credit, political risk insurance boost for ICIEC
  • India has doubled its lines of credit (LOC) to Africa
  • Indian companies turn to Chinese loans to cuts export costs
  • Dutch development and export credit money wasted on harbour in Guatemala
  • European legislation forces export credit agencies to be more transparent

August 2011

  • Angry landowner attacks expat staff at ECA financed LNG project in PNG - project work halted
  • U.S. Export-Import Bank breaks record for loan authorizations
  • Investment and trade insurers poised to resume Libyan activity once fighting eases
  • September 2011 version of the OECD administered Arrangement on Official Export Credit now available
  • FoE Japan petition to end Japanese government promotion of nuclear exports

July 2011

  • ECA supported arms trade and the Greek debt crisis
  • 14th OECD ECA/CSO Consultation
  • Brazilian miner MMX taps banks & ECAS for $1.8 Billion mine expansion
  • Germany debates supporting nuclear power plants in other countries
  • How plane makers and others help airlines buy jets
  • US business divided over Ex-Im reauthorization
  • Bahrain gets capital markets boost with ECA support
  • ECGD underwrites military sales to United Arab Emirates

June 2011

  • US Ex-Im Bank review of Nigeria Banking Facility and potential malfeasance
  • Giving human rights credit: EU countries agree to toughen export loan scrutiny
  • Financing nuclear times
  • Zimbabwe owes Britain's ECDG £190,4 million
  • Gulf Carriers to Outpace Old Europe With Cargo Expansion: Freight Markets
  • U.S. must confront China export advantages: Eximbank PDF
  • Germany's Hermes maintains international top position in reader survey

May 2011

  • U.N. Committee expresses deep concern over rights violations at Ilisu dam in Turkey
  • Australia: EFIC's new Environment and Social Policy brings welcome changes
  • Amnesty expresses disappointment at lack of human rights policy in Common Approaches
  • Minutes of the proceedings of the 527th meeting of the EU Export Credits Group
  • US, Europe and Canada in civil aviation market conflict
  • Russia readies launch of Export Credit and Investment Insurance Agency
  • Ghana to join African Trade Insurance Agency
  • China Pledges Measures To Level Competitive Playing Field For US, Chinese Firms

April 2011

  • WTO trade negotiations over export credits are at an impasse
  • US Ex-Im Bank adopts Equator Principles & finances largest ever carbon emitting project
  • European Parliament demands that Export Credit Agencies open up
  • In search of a level playing field: the 2011 Aircraft Sector Understanding
  • Huawei's $30 Billion Chinese ECA Credit Opens Doors in Brazil, Mexico
  • U.S. Boosts Farm-Export-Credit Assistance by $2.7 Billion
  • Time to end the underwriting of unethical business abroad
  • World Bank to limit funding for coal-fired power stations

March 2011

  • BP violating human rights rules in ECA supported project, says UK government
  • EC opens in-depth investigations into short‑term export-credit support at Ducroire and SACE BT
  • EC approves extension of Danish short-term export credit scheme
  • Campaigners dressed as maids demand governments clean up their exports
  • OECD wants creation of a maximum 12-year term for aircraft export credit support
  • US Government studies reorganization of trade agencies to promote competitiveness
  • J.P. Morgan signs agreement with SINOSURE
  • Arab Fund Lends Sudan $360 Million for New Airport, Two Dams

February 2011

  • UK export push 'could create toxic debt'
  • Commission opens in-depth investigations into short‑term credits of Belgian & Italian ECAs 
  • Greater export credit agency accountability needed – but how?
  • Will U.S. Taxpayers Be Asked to Finance Environmental Devastation in South Africa?
  • EU Finds China Gives Aid to telecommunication equipment makers
  • China study finds EU subsidized telecom firms 
  • Government and Atradius Dutch State Business launch SME export accelerator  (Dutch text)
  • UBA, HSBC Sign $100m OECD ECA backed loan deal

January 2011

  • Jubilee Debt report finds 96% of Third World debt to UK comes from failed exports
  • Aircraft financing to emerge from the gloom in 2011
  • Chinese export credits push international competition and controversy
  • UK Trade Minister Urged to Expand Export Support to Green Firms
  • Australia's Ferra lands exclusive military contract with ECA help
  • Argentina to repay Paris Club defaulted debt
  • FERN Briefing on ECAs and Climate Change
  • Swedish ECA dividend helps reduce government deficit

December 2010

  • Archive of ECA responses to the Common Approaches survey
  • Boeing, Airbus Export Financing to Be Costlier Under OECD ECA Proposal
  • EU Approves One-Year Extension Of Some Export Credit Insurance Schemes
  • China's 2010 export credit insurance may rank world first
  • European Parliamentary Committee votes to address ECA flaws
  • French ECA guarantees Jaitapur nuclear project
  • South Africa unveils Cuba export credit package
  • OECD's ECA Working Group publishes some 2009 data and latest meeting minutes
  • Brazil charges German companies and staff for environmental crimes in Hermes guaranteed project

November 2010

  • Argentina to renegotiate Paris Club debt without IMF presence
  • UN asks ECAs to ensure support for agro-land acquisition respects farmers' rights
  • Etihad CEO flays western airlines on export credit
  • Nord Stream Taps Three Banks as Advisers for 2.5 Billion Euros of Loans
  • Berne Union members expect business volumes to return to pre-crisis levels in 2010
  • Euromoney Trading produces ECA Review €279, 33 pages
  • Japanese and Dutch ECAs publish Category A EIA information
  • ECAs strive to meet new demand (PDF)

October 2010

  • G20/OECD negotiations over export credits begin to heat up
  • Aircraft manufacturers and airlines face off over export credit subsidies
  • Ha­san­keyf protest camp raises voices against destructive Ilisu dam project in Turkey
  • European export credits group coordinates responses to various OECD policy negotiations
  • NGOs critique hydropower association voluntary assessment tool
  • St. Kitts reimburses Italy for official export credit financed fraudulent hydrofoil debt 
  • Jubilee Australia reponds to EFIC draft Social and Environment Policy and Procedure proposals
  • New study urges EU to include ECA subsidies in efforts to enforce human rights compliance (PDF)
  • Canada's Bill C-300 with extractive industry guidelines narrowly defeated
  • EFIC goes underground in West Africa

September 2010

  • ECA aircraft credits generate controversy
  • Exxon Mobil's ECA backed LNG project in PNG attacked
  • US Export-Import Bank Votes for final commitment on Sasan coal fired power project
  • Export Import Bank Urged to End Fossil Fuel Binge and Support Renewables
  • China's export credit insurance corporation reports major growth
  • Gunns' proposed Tasmania pulp mill seeks Austrian and Finnish ECA support
  • Despite US drilling moratorium, ExIm to approve Mexican drilling
  • Nabucco in Talks With OECD ECAs to Finance $10.3 Billion Pipeline
  • First European export credit bond deal closed
  • USEC Submits Update to Loan Guarantee Application

August 2010

  • August 2010 - Issue not published during summer vacation period

July 2010

  • July 2010 - Issue not published during summer vacation period

June 2010

  • European ECA support to carbon intensive industries
  • How The Planet Pays The Price For Europe's Export Credits
  • UN urges responsible ECA lending to protect human rights
  • ECGD: The Department for Dodgy Deals
  • Chilean Communities & CSOs Urge US Ex-Im Bank to Reject Pascua Lama mine
  • New debt creating export fund condemned by Spanish civil society
  • Combating bribery in US$1.5 trillion export credit market requires stronger action
  • More fraud hits US ExIm Bank
  • Export credit agencies fill finance gap
  • UK MP asks for figures on ECGD fossil fuel project support
  • EADS: Many Banks Will Not Return To Aircraft Financing while ECAs will grow

May 2010

  • What's New reader survey
  • Exxon gets US ExIm Bank Funding After Paying for Trip
  • Export Credit Agency policies are not coherent with EU climate change policies (PDF)
  • Construction restarts at controversial Ilisu dam
  • Trade credit insurance faces overhaul
  • WTO brokers trade finance talks for banks, regulators
  • Brazil Government To Create Exim Bank, Boost Export Incentives
  • SACE elected to the Board of the African Trade Insurance Agency

April 2010

  • Activists fight ECGD's child labour policy reversal
  • New FERN report: The Changing Landscape of ECAs & the Global Financial Crisis
  • Talks Aim to Curb Jet Subsidy
  • Banks push G20 to reform trade finance regulation
  • China's export credit insurance keeps rising in Q1
  • China: Not the Rogue Dam Builder We Feared It would Be?
  • Atradius DSB considers support for Congo's Port Autonome de Pointe Noire (PAPN)

March 2010

  • ECA Watch comments on ECG climate sector proposals
  • US Ex-Im Bank's Carbon Policy Criticized by Environmental Groups
  • Amnesty International calls for human rights due diligence by ECAs and their clients
  • Australian ECA in Papua New Guinea - Why the secrecy? (Podcast summary)
  • UK Exporters call for state-backed trade finance
  •  Dutch ECA insures large loans provided by shipyard to attract investments
  • Canadian firms dominate mining in Africa - and have a bad human rights record
  • Europe-wide protests against Turkish banks over Ilisu financing  
  • JBIC and NEXI publish lists of new projects
  • Ecuador halts talks with China's Export Import Bank on hydro power financing

February 2010

  • Legal Challenge Launched of UK Serious Fraud Office's BAE settlement
  • Turkey announces restart of Ilisu construction
  • Back to square one on nuclear export subsidies from Germany
  • European airlines seek end to home market export credit limits
  • Revisions proposed to OPIC's environmental, transparency, worker rights and human rights policies
  • OECD proposes new sector understanding on export credits for climate change & water projects
  • India's ECA monitors export credit risks of European economies in crisis
  • EU Plans Massive Sanctions Against Iran
  • Credit Insurance: You Want It, But Can You Get It? ECAs Cushion the Blow 

January 2010

  • ECA Watch & Amnesty International outline OECD Common Approaches evaluation issues (PDF)
  • ECA Watch urges G-20 not to exclude ECAs from fossil fuel subsidies analysis (PDF)
  • Risky Business: Shining a spotlight on Australia's export credit agency
  • Export credit agencies to the rescue of trade finance
  • Developing countries want WTO study of protectionist impact of bailout & stimulus packages.
  • ECGD releases BTC Pipeline assessment documents
  • ECGD rules raise child labour fears
  • China continues to develop export credit insurance to support trade
  • ECAs come to the rescue of Boeing and Airbus
  • Iran's Export Guarantee Fund Eyes Berne Union Membership
  • Eskom signs R13bn (US$1.7Bn) loan agreement with Coface
  • Israeli Credit Insurance Company boosts exports by more than US$268 million

December 2009

  • New Law Requires U.S. OPIC to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 50%
  • Record U.S. Ex-Im Bank Financing for Papua New Guinea LNG Project
  • UK Parliamentary report calls for tougher action to end abuses by British companies abroad
  • Kazakhstan agrees to $1.6 billion ECA write off
  • Netherlands stops Dubai investment insurance
  • IFIs can provide up to €1.5bn to finance Nabucco
  • As Boeing Hits Turbulence, Uncle Sam Flies to Its Aid
  • US$6.7 million non-performing loan: NEXIM Bank debtors disappear into thin air
  • China's short-term export credit exceeds US$84 billion
  • OECD publishes cash flow results for official export credits & Category A & B projects
  • Will China Turn Its Back on International Standards in the Ilisu Dam?
  • Reform of the Spanish Export Credit Agency will create more Southern debt

November 2009

  • US Export Import Bank approves weak carbon policy
  • French export credit support goes to a small group of big companies
  • OECD to review Common Approaches to the Environment in 2010
  • Dutch meeting urges tighter greenhouse gas screening of ECA & EIB investment support
  • ECAs fill the gap with US$20 billion in aircraft guarantees
  • PEW report shows 65% of US Export Import Bank loan guarantees goes to Boeing
  • Dutch government guarantees Dubai's ECA deals
  • Australian to head global export credit body (Berne Union)
  • Chinese government to inject capital into China ExIm and Sinosure
  • A watershed moment: ECA financed Three Gorges dam soon to reach final height
  • Ilisu construction restarted without permission

October 2009

  • UK Export credit scheme bypasses international environmental and corruption standards
  • EU approvals of short-term official export credit subsidies continued to be in the news this month
  • BAE prosecution for corruption
  • Berne Union AGM in Seoul
  • Nabucco pipeline consortium seeks ECA funding
  • US Export-Import Bank hits 75 year high in fiscal 2009
  • SACE/Gazprom/Nord Stream
  • Etihad Airways completes ECA guaranteed transactions

September 2009

  • Enhanced ECA Financing Terms in Response to Climate Change (pdf)
  • Ex-Im Bank's Climate Proposal Fails to Quell Environmental Groups' Concerns
  • G20 to axe fuel subsidies
  • How ECAs help companies evade taxes (pdf)
  • China Eximbank Navigates Export Tide
  • European Commission approves German export credit scheme
  • WTO says airbus got illegal subsidies
  • OECD, WTO and UNCTAD call on G-20 for commitment to open trade/investment
  • Halifax Initiative identifies reforms for EDC Environmental Policy
  • Australia's export credit agency assesses African mining projects
  • Launching Indonesia Eximbank

August 2009

  • UK Government gives export support scheme green light despite corruption concerns
  • US ExIm Bank caught in environment vs job subsidy contradictions
  • EU clears German export-credit insurance scheme
  • India will soon be largest borrower from US Exim Bank
  • Australia's EFIC signs agreements with Korean and Thai counterpart ECAs
  • EFIC approves line of credit for General Motors subsidiary
  • Berne Union Asia special meeting discusses global financial crisis
  • Congo's Grand Inga hydro project
  • Canada's EDC to lend Bombardier US$160 Million for SAS aircraft
  • JIBC new projects

July 2009

  • German, Swiss and Austrian ECAs confirm cancellation of Ilisu credits
  • Xinjiang riots damage Sino-Turkish ties, including possible Ilisu involvement
  • Japanese NGOs Demand Rigorous Safety Assessment for Nuclear Projects
  • Portuguese Government finalizes re-nationalization of COSEC
  • China to improve reform plans of China Eximbank, Sinosure
  • How One Mine Got a $1.05 Billion Loan Amid the Global Financial Crisis
  • Short-term export credits move back to government subsidies
  • Climate Follies: Bankrolling Dirty Power in Developing Countries
  • Export credit insurance supports Chinese exports to emerging markets
  • Nabucco Gas Pipe Accord Signed as Europe Looks Beyond Russia
  • U.S. extends export financing repayment terms for hydro, ocean thermal, nuclear
  • Oil Search Ltd. Says LNG Project Wins ‘Vote of Confidence’

June 2009

  • European Governments Pull ECA Financing for Turkey's Ilisu Dam
  • CSOs urge OECD time-out on renewable and nuclear energy finance incentive negotiations
  • IFC proposes new finance intermediary to facilitate ECA supported trade deals
  • Mandelson writes Prime Minister & Chancellor to set out radical overhaul of ECGD
  • UK groups question BAE termination of ECGD insurance
  • Green energy investments overtake fossil fuel, but not for ECAs
  • IRN Introduction to China's ECA Financed Overseas Dam Industry
  • Belgian ECA sees Congress victory in India as positive for reforms
  • ECA supported aircraft sales to move from 20% to 50%
  • How is G20 doing on ECA pledges from London summit?
  • World leaders seek new Iran strategy
  • European Commission approves Finnish export-credit insurance scheme

May 2009

  • Study finds MDB/ECA funded coal plants result in thousands of deaths
  • Canadian legislation in second reading would deny government export credit support to corporations ignoring standards
  • International petition requests declaration of Hasankeyf as a UNESCO World Heritage site
  • Concerns mount over Ilisu dam impacts
  •  New JIBC projects
  • Portugal announces intent to renationalize ECA COSEC
  •  Atradius DSB to add project screening for ILO standards compliance
  • China's Sinosure & US company provide credit risk information
  • EU Commission Approves Danish Export Credit Insurance Plan
  • UK government plans finance and insurance for exporters
  • Africa Trade Insurance Agency expands operations
  • ECAs essential to continued support for global trade
  • Cargill, Archer Daniels Midland, Bunge Win Most Export Aid Since 1992 as Credit Slows
  • No more Government insurance for BAE Systems' controversial Saudi Arabia arms deals

April 2009

  • G20 Summit approves additional $1.1 trillion for trade support
  • Ilisu dam site nominated for UNESCO heritage status
  • Turkish dam, British dilemma Case Study
  • Exxon seeks financier for the LNG project
  • Half of Nord Stream pipelines to be ECA financed
  • Cotton industry awaits WTO ruling on US export credits
  • EDC Legislative Review Riles Canadian Rights Groups
  • Iran applies for Berne Union membership
  • EDF study estimates MDB & ECA financed coal plants cause 6,000-10,700 extra deaths per year

March 2009

  • G20 finance plan to rely heavily on new export credit agency money
  • ECGD asked to help assess risks of government working capital guarantee scheme.
  • ECGD states no review to be done of due diligence on BTC pipeline risk assessment
  • Britons face jail in US over bribery allegations re ECA supported Bonny Island project
  • TI(UK) calls for companies implicated in bribery to be excluded from future ECGD contracts
  • Aircraft Traders Are Nervous About Economic Recovery - request more ECA support
  • Australian ECA EFIC announces adoption of the Equator Principles
  • Turkey Deports International Rivers' Staff After Peaceful Water Forum Protest

February 2009

  • Urgent Plea to Save Critically Endangered Western Gray Whales at Sakhalin Island
  • China arrests former Sinosure head on corruption charges
  • Participants make changes to OECD administered export credit Arrangement
  • Delays in environmental reporting mock OECD Common Approaches commitments
  • OECD publishes 2007 ECA cash flow results for officially supported export credits
  • Lawsuit Forces U.S. ECAs to Account for Their Climate Change Impacts
  • Zurich Surety, Credit & Political Risk Joins with SACE on Public/Private Partnership
  • Canada vies to back India's nuclear boom
  • Industry grows more accepting of government help for airlines
  • Former US ExIm Bank official charged with corruption and tax evasion
  • Export credit agencies to fund PetroSA plant

January 2009

  • Export credit agencies force Ilisu suspension
  • Aircraft finance and ECAs
  • The Sakhalin Saga
  • Hochberg Named Chair of Import-Export Bank
  • Germany to restrict Iran export guarantees
  • JIBC and Goro Nickel in New Caledonia
  • JBIC signs deal for green energy projects in China
  • Dutch government announces credit guarantees
  • EDC moves to support Nortel following bankruptcy filing
  • The Corner House questions ECGD evaluations of BTC pipeline risks
  • Portugal approves 2 Billion Euro export credit facility (in Portuguese)

December 2008

  • China protests latest U.S. trade case at WTO
  • NGOs welcome decision by Germany, Austria and Switzerland to suspend contracts
  • Trade suffers as suppliers struggle to obtain financing
  • New JIBC projects
  • Russia's oil companies face short-term crunch
  • German export credit restrictions anger business, Iran and Israel

November 2008

  • ECA Watch protests inadequacies of OECD consultation with CSOs
  • The impact of the world financial crisis on export credits
  • New Dutch export credits for Indonesian weapons systems
  • Log, Stock and Barrel - A new web resource on Financial Institutions in the Resource Sector from the Heinrich Boell Foundation & urgewald
  • Turkey continues Ilisu dam construction despite reports ECA conditions have not been met
  • New JIBC projects
  • IRN presents new guide to China's overseas dam industry

October 2008

  • ECAs begin withdrawal from controversial Ilisu dam financing
  • ECAs and the financial crisis
  • ECAs and nuclear power
  • UK MPs call for ECGD sustainability thrust
  • EDC to voluntarily and proactively disclose internal audit reports
  • OeKB looking to support controversial Tasmanian pulp project
  • Canadians join massive Angola infrastructure renewal project

September 2008

  • OECD ECG declines substantive response to ECA-Watch peer review proposals
  • ECAs and Nuclear Power
  • New JIBC Projects
  • ECAs and Corruption
  • International bank crisis puts spotlight on ECA funding for aircraft
  • Ilisu: A Test Case for the Global Dam Industry
  • Indonesian military purchases to be supported by ECA credit facilities
  • Renewed ECA credits a part of Zimbabwe political negotiations?
  • Indian ECA supports Ethiopian projects
  • ECAs support Katanga mine project in Congo
  • India sees inexpensive ECA long-term credits as part of credit crunch planning
  • The World Bank Takes the Money and Runs from Chad

August 2008

  • OECD hits UK hard on anti-corruption
  • BTC pipeline in Georgia shows need for greater ECA diligence (PDF)
  • Could the OECD's Fall ECA/civil society consultation be meaningful?
  • AECL cites US/French ECA subsidies in plea for Ontario nuclear deal
  • Failure of WTO's Doha negotiations leaves ECA subsidies in effect
  • Escalating sanctions are squeezing Iran’s economy says Australian ECA
  • ECAs interested in PNG LNG project
  • Dutch credit debt swaps increase Indonesia risk profile

July 2008

  • UK Law Lords rule termination of BAE/Saudi investigation was legal
  • Continuing controversy over Turkey's Ilisu Dam
  • More than 50 Spanish NGOs express concerns over reform of Spanish ECA CESCE
  • UK ECA ECGD to publish greenhouse gas implications of it`s project portfolio
  • Chinese ECA supported Sudan`s Merowe dam begins flooding out local population
  • Halifax Initiative submission on Canada`s Export Development Corporation Act
  • Hong Kong ECA chief resigns over corruption allegations
  • International Rivers publishes report on new financiers and the environment

June 2008

  • The OECD Common Approaches are dead!
  • Environmental Groups Condemn Japanese and French Banks for Financing Sakhalin II Oil and Gas Project in Russia
  • OPIC agrees to review Bolivian community's mining project complaint
  • ECAs approve funding for controversial Camisea LNG project
  • Ongoing ECA fraud investigations raise questions of OECD ECA compliance with anti-corruption measures
  • House of Lords to hear SFO appeal of ruling re BAE / Saudi / ECGD scandal

May 2008

  • Dutch urged to keep export credit sustainable
  • ECAs meet in Vienna to overcome Turkish inability to meet Ilisu conditions
  • Areva and Westinghouse vie for South African nuclear plant with ECA support
  • ECD announces human rights policy
  • EDC supports XOJet purchase of Bombardier Challenger jets
  • San Antonio Businessman Accused of Defrauding U.S. ExIm Bank of Millions
  • US ExIm to fund India power plants
  • India waives ECA debt to Cuba
  • OECD commemorates 30 years of "The Arrangement"

April 2008

  • UK court declares cancellation of ECA BAE/Saudi fraud case illegal
  • UN`s Ruggie focuses spotlight on export credit agencies
  • Sace joins ECA refusals to support trade with Iran
  • High cost of Indian ECA coverage a hindrance to deeper India/Russia trade relations
  • ECAs important for aircraft financing
  • Russian, French and Italian ECAs sign deal for super jets
  • South Africa writes off ECA debt from Cuba
  • Planned Hungarian guarantee scheme incompatible with EU rules
  • US Eximbank approves $2.2 billion program for India
  • Kazakhstan and China: Relations strengthened further

March 2008

  • Sakhalin Energy withdraws finance applications to US & UK ECAs
  • Ilisu controversy exposed by Experts and Financial Times
  • Chinese ECA mired in Filipino corruption enquiries
  • Nationalisation of Dutch Export Credit Facility
  • Australian ECA EFIC finances Trinidad Coast Guard vessels
  • Investors sought for Yemen LNG project as costs skyrocket
  • Turkish geothermal plant qualifies for US ExIm renewable energy incentives

February 2008

  • SFO in UK High Court over dropped BAE bribery investigation
  • OECD announces new sustainable lending policies for export credits
  • Hermes changes export guarantee rules
  • Zurich Emerging Markets to insure controversial carbon credit projects
  • South African ECA insures Malawian uranium mine project
  • New Ilisu Campaign Website
  • ECGD and Sinosure sign MoU on wider co-operation
  • European Parliamentary Committee encourages Chinese ECAs to conduct EIAs
  • US ExIm Bank increases coverage for Angola

January 2008

  • New report guides campaigners to previously hidden export credit information
  • More fiddling while Rome burns - banks float non-binding carbon principles
  • IFC approves US$300 million for flawed Peruvian Camisea II LNG project
  • Britain Unsure on Sakhalin
  • Indonesia signs US$615 power plant loan with China's Export-Import Bank
  • World Bank continues efforts to engage China's Export-Import Bank
  • New Chairman for ECGD's Advisory Council
  • SACE chooses Lehman Brothers to advise on privatization
  • Chad's unrest is partially related to ECA supported pipeline project
  • New DebtWatch book highlights Spanish ECA CESCE's support for Spanish Companies

December 2007

  • Blair called for BAE inquiry to be halted
  • Renewable energies and export credit agencies
  • NGOs walk out of OECD meeting
  • China, France and Germany top investors in Iran
  • Braskem and Pequiven Announce Joint Venture to Install Petrochemical Projects
  • UN Report addresses ECA responsibility for human rights breaches (PDF)
  • Export Development Canada 'reforms overdue'
  • China to play greater role in World Bank in Africa
  • OECD ECA 2006 cash flow results for officially supported export credits (PDF)

November 2007

  • ECA Watch leaves OECD consultation in protest over lack of dialogue
  • Corner House / CAAT court victory over BAE corruption enquiry review
  • European Parliament resolution to end taxpayer support for fossil fuels projects
  • Export credits to Iran become a hotter political issue
  • Atradius refuses cover for Vancor project in Russia
  • SACE to open its capital to investors
  • US Ex-Im Bank promotes Nigerian economic progress - i.e. debt free riding continues
  • Atradius and Sinosure sign memorandum of understanding
  • ECAs to guarantee Indonesian coal-fired plants
  • The Equator Principles: A toddler finds its feet, but still takes an occasional tumble
  • ECA supported 3 Gorges dam in China proves to be environmental disaster
  • BNP Paribas and Vnesheconombank (Russian ECA) In export credit pact
  • Nationwide Protests against German Investment in Turkey's Ilisu Dam

October 2007

  • ECA Watch submits issues paper to OECD ECA consultation (PDF)
  • Arbitrary expropriation begins at contested Ilisu dam site
  • Yusufeli Dam: Is Turkey blackmailing ECAs over lowered standards because of Ilisu?
  • China planning to reform Exim Bank into a commercial bank
  • Export Development Canada becomes a signatory to the Equator Principles
  • Export credits for Iran remain a political issue
  • UK export credit agency slammed for lax environmental standards
  • Eight charged in $80 million scheme to defraud the US Export-Import Bank

September 2007

  • Turkey flouts ECA conditions highlighting weakness of OECD Common Approaches
  • Dutch Government to resolve Indonesia cover through credit default swaps
  • Export Development Canada maintains interest in controversial Tenke mine in Congo
  • Civil Society Recommendations Regarding China Exim Bank's Environmental Policy
  • Germany struggles to unravel export credit ties with Iran
  • Kickbacks alleged in Filipino phone contract financed by China's ExIm Bank
  • US Export Import Bank certifies no dual-use exports in 2005
  • Coface to take controlling stake in SBCE - Brazil
  • Ex-Im Bank to Sponsor Environmental Exporters Conference
  • Labour tries to block new BAE enquiry

August 2007

  • WWF and Corner House Launch Legal challenge against ECGD on Sakhalin 2
  • NGOs condemn signing of contracts for the Turkish Ilisu Dam
  • Sinosure receives an A bond rating
  • Australian ECA EFIC says receding credit tide could beach some emerging markets
  • OECD publishes data on HIPC export credits (PDF)
  • OECD reports lack of renewable energy projects for evaluation of incentives
  • Pulp mills & ECAs
  • Civil aircraft agreement at OECD judged good for Canada
  • Israel's Hapoalim Bank extends ECA backed credit to Kazakh bank

July 2007

  • ECAs and Arms - ENAAT report now available
  • ECAs and corruption
  • Book reviews - The Secret World of Economic Hit Men (and ECAs)
  • Private equity funds change markets for ECAs
  • ECA loan backed bond rating withdrawn
  • NGOs warn banks and ECAs not to invest in Sakhalin II
  • ECGD releases annual report
  • Will domestic financial incentives for pollution controls also apply to Chinese export credits?
  • Brazil joins OECD agreement on aircraft finance

June 2007

  • NGOs criticize OECD approval of weak environmental standards for export credits
  • Investigation into alleged BAE corruption continues
  • ECAs warned against support for continuing Sakhalin environmental problems
  • Spanish NGOs welcome draft legislation to deny export credit support for companies involved in foreign environmental damages
  • Dutch export credits are not a foreign policy instrument
  • NGOs demand an end to oil aid via export credit supports
  • India's ECGC lowers premia rates up to 10% to make exports more competitive
  • China's auto exports bolstered by SINOSUR credit insurance
  • Australian ECA sees Africa as a magnet
  • US think tank calls for American leadership on ECA incentives for renewable energy