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July 2005

  • Sudan: Update on the Merowe/ Hamadab Dam Project
  • Chad-Cameroon Pipeline: Ongoing Damages, Inadequate Compensation
  • Building a Profitable Airline is Not Easy, But ECAs Help
  • Ducroire (Belgium) Support for Tanzanian Arms Factory Denied Again
  • NGOs mobilize to stop Ilisu Dam (Again!)

June 2005

  • Climate Change Suit Against OPIC and US ExIm Advances
  • BTC Pipeline Update
  • Sakhalin II Update
  • Independent Expert Raises Concerns About Dam Standards
  • US ExIm Backs Brazilian Oil Platform
  • US ExIm Backs Environmental Exports: Plans to Refit Dams
  • Cloud of Concern Surrounds China's Nuclear Boom
  • Dabhol Settlement Receives Another Blow
  • Law Suit Filed on Cancelled Tanzanian Water Project
  • Brazilian Oil Firm Inks Deal with JBIC
  • Air Transport Given USD $7.3B ECA Credit in 2003
  • Turkish Delegates Ask EU to Monitor Ilisu Dam

May 2005

  • NGOs Oppose Subsidies to Hydro as a Renewable Energy [PDF]
  • OECD to Revise Anti-Bribery Statement
  • Canada's ECA Continues to Withhold Key Environmental Information
  • Sakhalin II Update:
  • Fifty Campaign Groups Protest World Bank Failures on Controversial BTC Oil Pipeline
  • Trade Minister Demands Strengthening of OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises
  • NGOs Gravely Concerned About Subsidies to Drinking Water Projects (PDF)
  • French Representative Challenged on Nam Theun 2
  • British Energy Giant Starts Filling Oil into BTC Pipeline
  • OECD Participants in the Arrangement on Export Credits Refuse Better Terms for Local Costs
  • ECA Watch Launches Analysis of 2002 OECD ECA Data

April 2005

  • Wealthy Nations to Extend Renewable Energy Financing Terms for Large Dams
  • Sakhalin Update:
  • Parliament May Launch Inquiry into French ECA COFACE
  • Greenpeace Disrupts Construction of JBIC-Supported Thai Coal Plant
  • Filipino Supreme Court Justice: Stop Paying Nuke Plant Debt
  • Debt Relief Under Fire: "Not Proper Aid"
  • British MPs Hit Bribery Rule Weakening
  • BP Covered Up BTC Pipeline Flaw
  • BTC Pipeline in New Human Rights Storm
  • Finnish ECA Finnvera Ruled Illegally Secretive
  • World Bank Board Approves Nam Theun 2 Dam; Plan Could Backfire
  • Brazil Challenges the OECD Arrangement on Officially Supported Export Credits