Friends of the Earth Japan

Friends of the Earth Japan (FoE Japan) has worked for a long time on socio-environmental problems caused by publicly funded Japanese development projects. Currently, FoE Japan focuses primarily on the following activities:

Individual Project Monitoring, Checking Development Projects from a Local PerspectiveFoE Japan has continuously strengthened our monitoring on Japan-backed natural resources development projects including oil, gas and mining projects at sensitive areas, as well as large infrastructure development projects especially large-scale dam projects. The following are the projects we have been monitoring:

  • Coral Bay Nickel Processing Plant Project, the Philippines (JBIC and NEXI)
  • Taganito Nickel Processing Plant Project, the Philippines (JBIC and NEXI)
  • San Roque Multi-Purpose Dam Project in the Philippines (JBIC)
  • Sakhalin I and II Oil and Gas Development Project, Russia (JBIC and NEXI)
  • Goro Nickel Mining Project, New Caledonia (JBIC)

Policy Recommendations to Government Agencies, To Avoid Further VictimizationJapanese Export Credit Agencies (ECAs), JBIC and NEXI, lacked the adequate implementation systems and structures to give proper consideration to socio-environmental issues. FoE Japan has encourage ECAs to establish high-quality environmental guidelines based on survey and analysis of individual projects. When JBIC and NEXI was formulating environmental guideines, FoE Japan made recommendations on what prevention measures should be taken to avoid causing problems in the future. In addition, since guidelines were set, FoE Japan has called for improvement on the operation side to ensure that the guideliens are actually effective and relevant for project problems.