Mapping popular alternative proposals of envisioning infrastructure

The main aim of this map, which doesn't pretend to be exhaustive, is to spread information and proposals, and to contribute to linking people and groups with each other, in order to enrich the narrative on alternative infrastructures. Popular proposals do exist with respect to mega infrastructures projects, which too often are responsible for the privatization of common goods. These alternatives have been developed in order to fulfil real needs, instead of the contrived needs that serve capital interests in the North and the South. The map, produced by the International NGO Campaign on Export Credit Agencies - Eca Watch - shows cases in the energy, water and transport of goods and people sectors.

The indicators use to select the cases are the following:

  • Actors: Civil Society but specifically Social Movements proposals.
  • Proposals based on real popular needs, paying attention to issues such as: Who decides? Who benefits? Decision-making accountable structure.
  • Proposals linked to the reclaim of the commons.
  • Low carbon alternatives.