200 and counting – Global financial institutions committed to coal divestment has doubled in 3 years

(IEEFA, Lakewood OH, 4 May 2023) In its latest report, the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) has found that globally significant financial institutions (FIs) are committing to divesting away from coal at a quicker rate as climate change becomes a priority globally. It took almost six years for the first 100 institutions to adopt coal exclusion policies, but since then the number has doubled in just over three years. “Interestingly, it’s not the largest asset managers who are leading the way. It’s more the medium- sized ones who recognise their duty to clients. This is a reflection that the market is learning and learning fast amid regulators getting tough on greenwashing. Collectively, the whole finance ecosystem is working together to find where the issues are,” said IEEFA’s debt markets leader for Asia Pacific Christina Ng. While several large global asset managers have established formal coal exit policies, the three largest asset managers managing assets worth US$20 trillion have either formulated weak coal exit policies or have no policy at all. Overall, there are 114 FIs in Europe, 53 in Asia-Pacific, 27 in North America, 6 in Africa, and 2 in South America. European financial institutions are leading the way in coal divestment with stricter policies than those in other regions. A total of 22 FIs in the emerging economies have also established coal divestment policies, including South Africa, Malaysia, China, Turkey, India, and the Philippines. Interestingly these countries are largely reliant on coal for electricity.