Amnesty: ECA funded Chad Cameroon pipeline violates human rights

7 Sept. 2005, Amnesty, London: An ECA (Coface, Ex-Im) supported pipeline transporting oil through Chad and Cameroon brings with it potential threats to human rights in the two Central African countries. Amnesty International is concerned that these threats are more likely to be realised if investment agreements underpinning the pipeline project prejudice the human rights obligations of the states and the human rights responsibilities of the companies involved. Meanwhile, in an October 13-14th meeting in Cameroon, the World Bank was to determine if the Consortium Exxon-Petronas-Chevron, in charge of the project, should be given a completion-certificate, which would mean that the construction phase operation has been carried out in the respect of contract obligations by Esso (Exxon) and its subcontractors, and in compliance with Banks' policies. Cameroonian NGOs claim that over 350 cases of inadequate compensation are still pending.