Belgian ECA restricts oil and gas finance but leaves gas loopholes

(Oil Change International, Washington, 15 July 2022) Today the Belgian export credit agency Credendo published a new policy to shift public finance out of fossil fuels and into clean energy. The policy is meant to implement a commitment that Belgium made alongside 33 other countries and 5 institutions at the United Nations climate conference in Glasgow last year. The group promised to end international public finance for fossil fuels by the end of 2022 and shift this money to clean energy. Though today’s new policy imposes additional restrictions on fossil fuel financing, it leaves loopholes for Credendo to continue financing new fossil fuel projects. According to the International Energy Agency, to maintain a 50% chance of limiting global heating to 1.5°C there can be no investments in new coal, oil or gas fields or Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) infrastructure without stranded assets. Other research shows that on top of ending investments in new fossil fuel supply, 40% of already developed oil and gas reserves need to be left unextracted.