Brazil grants US$2 billion ECA credit line to Angola

(Macahub, Luanda, 12 February 2018) Brazil has agreed to grant a credit insurance facility to Angola under the Export Guarantee Fund and support for the equalisation of interest rates through the Brazilian Export Financing Programme (Proex) for goods and services up to US$2 billion. Brazilian resources now made available through the state-owned National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES) will be used to carry out some projects included in the Public Investment Programme of the State Budget. BNDES has financed several projects with social and economic impact in Angola, including the construction of the Laúca Hydroelectric Dam, the Cambambe Dam, the water supply system for the cities of Benguela, Lobito and Catumbela, the construction of the Luanda-Viana Expressway, the construction of Catumbela International Airport and the construction of the Capanda Industrial Hub, among others.