Canada 2nd in the G20 for fossil fuel subsidies

(The Saxon, Salisbury, ? November 2022) Canada continues to heavily subsidize fossil fuels despite its international commitments, according to a report by Oil Change International. The nonprofit estimates that Canada has, on average, given up to US$8.5 billion annually to projects related to this type of energy between 2019 and 2021. Among G20 countries, Canada is the second most publicly funded fossil fuel project. Only Japan spends more, with an annual average of US$10.6 billion. South Korea and China complete the front runners with US$7.3 billion and US$6.7 billion respectively in subsidies to the fossil fuel sector. France, Brazil and Germany lead the G20 in green energy subsidies, with US$2.8 billion, US$2.5 billion and US$2.2 billion, respectively. Canada, meanwhile, spends about US$800 million.