Chad-Cameroon Pipeline: Ongoing Damages, Inadequate Compensation

May 19, 2005 (Source: Fondation Camerounaise pour une Action Rationalisée des Femmes sur l'Environnement [FOCARFE], Cameroon) — One year after the Chad-Cameroon Pipeline's opening, numerous claims from affected populations continue to arise. The treatment of pending claims in the villages for non-functioning mills, wells, projects never built, schools incomplete, drugs never supplied, sacred and archeological sites defiled is a damning tale of broken promises by the project funders, which included ECAs COFACE and the US Export Import Bank. This May 2005 Cameroonian NGO report highlights these broken promises. Also read the BIC/CIIR report "Chad's Oil: Miracle or Mirage? Following the Money in Africa's Newest Petro-State," February, 2005.