Citigroup: The future of export agency finance

(Global Trade Review, London, 24 October 2023) [In an article sponsored by CITI, GTR has published an overview of export finance by Richard Hodder, head of export agency finance at CITI.] "In today’s world of escalating environmental concerns and shifting global economic priorities, export credit agencies have the potential to play a pivotal role in advancing the transition to cleaner energy sources and sustainable development... “In terms of the energy transition, the sheer volume of financing that will be required to drive it, as well as the large size of individual projects, will necessitate a diversity of funding sources – and ECA support will be key,” says Hodder. “Looking at the enquiries across our network, we expect ECA demand to grow and remain at sustained high levels over the next decade.” [Citigroup Inc. hired HSBC Holdings Plc’s Richard Hodder in June 2023 to lead its export agency finance business as the Wall Street giant seeks to expand its trade operations.]