Does the OECD really support environmentally conscious economic policies?

(ECA Watch, Ottawa, 31 January 2018) In a recent opinion article, Canadian environmentalist David Suzuki noted that the Secretary-General of the OECD supports environmentally conscious economic policies. Suzuki argued that in Angel Gurria we have one of the world's most influential economists urging dramatic climate action, including a higher, and rising, price on carbon. While Angel Gurria seems to be making appropriate noises about environmentally conscious economic policies, it cannot be assumed that the OECD is doing anything like that or about it. The role of the OECD Export Credit Working Group in promoting fossil fuels above renewable energy belies this flattery. Such OECD public relations statements contradict their on the ground policy and facts. While Carbon prices are part of the issue and might be part of the solution, contradictory actions and OECD ECA finance for 12 times as many fossil fuel projects as renewalbes, undermine them, go counter to them, and are defacto greenwashing.