Dutch climate expenditure audit reveals inconsistencies

(Argus Media, Amsterdam, 30 January 2023) The Dutch government does not provide a "clear and complete" overview about the state's climate expenditure, while certain fossil fuel subsidies are "at odds" with domestic climate goals, according to a report by the Dutch court of audit. The court of audit presented its findings to the Dutch parliament on 25 January, noting that the three ministries — economic affairs and climate policy, finance, and climate and energy policy — involved in reporting the state's climate expenditure did not provide consistent information. Dutch export credit agency Atradius — in charge of the country's public financing for foreign fossil fuel projects — ended all financing for export credit insurance as of this year in line with the Glasgow pledge made during the UN climate conference Cop 26 in 2021, while certain exemptions for oil and gas projects remain in place. Projects that ensure European energy supply security by reducing "unwanted" dependencies on Russian oil and gas are among those exemptions granted