EDC trying to reclaim $347 million insurance payout to Suncor linked to Libya unrest

(Bowen Island Undercurrent, BC, 2 August 2023) The federal government is trying to reclaim nearly $350 million in insurance paid to Suncor Energy Inc. by Export Development Canada in the wake of political unrest in Libya. The oil giant claimed $300 million in risk mitigation payments for losses linked to Libyan energy assets after fighting between rival political factions spread to the country's oil crescent region in 2015, a Federal Court judge said in a ruling this week. The total — $347 million with interest — was determined by an arbitrator in 2019. But Export Development Canada, which insures against losses caused by political violence, argues that Suncor's oil production facilities still deliver returns for the Calgary-based company. The insurance claim was paid under a policy underwritten by Export Development Canada for Petro-Canada in 2006, which Suncor then came into following their merger in 2009.