Europeans Rush to Profit from Iran Deal

(Jewish Voice, New York, 19 August 2015) Part 1: European politicians and business leaders, resembling the running of the bulls in Spain, are falling over themselves in a rush to secure the "first-mover" advantage in Iran's $400 billion economy. Under the nuclear deal reached in Vienna on July 14, international sanctions will be removed on Iran's banking, energy and trade sectors if Tehran agrees to certain curbs on its nuclear program. The lifting of sanctions on Iran, a market of 80 million consumers (the second-largest market in the Middle East after Turkey in terms of GDP) creates the potential for staggering business opportunities. Although the United States Congress will not vote on the accord until September, Europeans appear to be operating on the premise that Iran is now open for business.

Part 2 26 AugustĀ  2015 This article summarizes many European export credit and other initiatives, while echoing Israeli concerns about the Vienna agreement.

Italian government mission in Iran