EXIM Accused of Switch From Anti Chinese Communist Party To Beijing Ally

(Epoch Times, New York, 10 January 2022) Commentary: Thomas McArdle - While it’s bad enough that President Joe Biden has nominated in Reta Jo Lewis a longtime, committed appeaser of the oppressive, genocidal, and expansionist People’s Republic of China to chair the Export-Import Bank of the United States, it’s probably worse that prominent U.S. business entities continue to gulp the Kool-Aid about the long widely-accepted but now thoroughly discredited notion that capitalism is wooing China into democratic reform and lawfulness. EXIM’s China Program, mandated by Congress, was intended to make EXIM’s private loan guarantees and other products for U.S. exporters “fully competitive with rates, terms, and other conditions established by the People’s Republic of China” for its export business interests, utilizing 20 percent of EXIM’s total financing authority–some $27 billion out of $135 billion–and to advance competition with China in “innovation, employment, and technological standards” focused on 10 industries ranging from 5G to fintech to renewable energy to biotechnology. [The Epoch Times was started in 2000 as a Chinese language newspaper associated with the Fulan Gong, a Chinese religious order that opposes communism and is banned from practicing in China.]