EXIM supports Lithuania in political dispute with China

(Epoch Times, Washington, 22 December 2021) Lithuania's regional and economic stability is facing challenges from the Chinese regime for allowing self-ruled Taiwan, which Beijing claims as a runaway province, to open a de facto embassy in its capital Vilnius. In response, China recalled its ambassador in August before downgrading the diplomatic relations and expelled Lithuania’s top representative to China in November. Beijing has imposed a trade embargo over Lithuanian exports and imports, and has threatened multinationals to sever ties with Lithuania or face being shut out of the Chinese market. Chinese customs authorities have refused to import or clear goods from the Baltic nation. The US is supporting Lithuania in this dispute. [It is interesting to note that it was the right-wing Falun Gong owned Epoch Times which flagged the EXIM approval of a $600 million export credit agreement with Lithuania on Nov. 24, in a bid to boost economic cooperation between the two nations and withstand increased pressure from the Chinese regime.]