Export Credit Agencies and a changing climate

(Observer Research Foundation Online, New Delhi, 19 April 2018) The role of Export Credit Agencies (ECAs) in promoting climate compatible development has been controversial. Despite independent and collaborative efforts from countries ensuring that [environmental degradation] is not an option when their ECAs extend support, fossil fuel financing has overshadowed ECAs energy financing portfolio. Oil Change reports that 88 percent of G20 ECA energy financing went towards fossil fuels. One of the worst performer amongst ECAs of G20 countries is the US EXIM Bank. Anecdotal evidences suggest that [ExIm's] support has enabled American exporters to walk the globe leaving behind green footprints. Yet an inquiry in our paper on the EXIM Bank’s authorisation portfolio paints a relatively different picture. [ExIm] authorisations towards environmentally beneficial exports and renewable energy exports constituted only 1.83% and 0.98% respectively of the Bank’s total authorisation. Evidently, the Bank’s performance has been dismal at best.