Export-Import Bank Back To Boosting Boeing

(Aviation Week, London, 15 June 2020) The U.S. Export-Import Bank (EXIM) is back in the business of supporting Boeing and General Electric (GE)—leading aerospace and defense companies that served as the face of alleged corporate welfare to anti-bank critics in recent years. Last week, EXIM said it would guarantee $459 million, or 90%, of a $510 million loan for Credit Agricole and an “investment bank” to purchase accounts receivable from CFM International—a joint venture of GE and Safran—due from Boeing. The proposed one-year purchase facility would support an estimated $3 billion in export sales of aircraft engines and an estimated 11,200 total direct and indirect jobs throughout the U.S. supply chain, including 1,180 jobs at CFM/GE positions across Indiana, North Carolina and Ohio, according to EXIM.