Exporters fail on pledge to curb bribery: Transparency International

(Reuters, Berlin, 23 October 2014) Big exporting nations are breaking their pledge to fight corruption in global trade, with more than half of the countries that have signed an OECD anti-bribery convention failing to implement it, a report by Transparency International (TI) showed on Thursday. The Berlin-based anti-corruption watchdog named Japan, the Netherlands, Greece, Russia and Brazil as among the worst offenders. [The latest OECD Export Credit Working Group review of member responses to the 2006 survey on ECA measures taken to combat bribery, and individual ECA survey responses, can be found by patient and diligent researchers on the OECD web site, but show previously identified weaknesses in the monitoring of compliance. For example, one OECD member ECA only requires their underwriters to exercise enhanced due diligence if a corporate applicant has admitted to being debarred by the World Bank, the IMF or other IFIs, would allow support if a convicted briber has implemented improved management systems to detect bribery, and only sometimes will invalidate support to a company that is proven to have been involved in bribery.]