Extension of interest subsidy scheme to boost Indian export credits

(News Today, Chennai, 4 January 2019) The Indian government has to provide three per cent [export credit] interest subsidy to merchant exporters, entailing an expenditure of Rs600 crore (US$84 million), to enhance liquidity with a view to boosting outbound shipments. Sectors that will be benefited from the decision include agriculture, textiles, leather, handicraft and machinery. The interest equalisation or subsidy scheme for pre- and post-shipment rupee export credit started on 1 April, 2015 and will end in March 2020. Other news sources indicated that interest subsidies had dropped from Rs434 crore in 2017 to Rs197 crore in 2018 (US$60m to US$28M). The Union Cabinet in mid-Janurary committed to infusing US$840 million into the Exim Bank over 2 years and doubling its authorized capital from US$1.4 billion to US$2.8 billion (Rs10,000 crore to Rs20,000 crore)