French ECA role in Polish nuclear expansion

(R and R Life, Manchester, 3 July 2022) Following French/Polish agreement in October 2021 to build 4 to 6 nucelear reactors, the French government has clearly stated its willingness to consider different ways to provide support, which is expected by the Polish side. Electricite de France (EDF) and the French government are open to discussions with the Polish government about who and what type of funding will be provided. EFF VP V. Ramany pointed out that France has a number of institutions that support such programs. "In debt financing, we have strong export credit insurance. This in turn helps in attracting banks to borrow for such projects. With regard to debt, we have, for example, the Public Development Bank SFIL, which can refinance debt at a relatively low cost." Poland generates most of its electricity from coal and was the only European Union member nation not to commit to climate neutrality by 2050 when the bloc set the target in 2019. But under rising pressure from the EU and with carbon emission costs surging, Warsaw is encouraging more investment in low emission sources.