G20/OECD negotiations over export credits begin to heat up

(ECA Watch, Ottawa, 29 October 2010) In the buildup to the 11-12 November 2010 G20 heads of state meetings in Soeul Korea, a number of discussions with implications for ECA policies are taking place. A draft of a G20 communique on climate and energy urges export credit policy coherence and generous terms for renewable and clean energies, while the OECD is also reviewing its sector understanding on renewables as well as its Common Approaches on environmental standards. At the same time there are attempts to convince non-OECD BRIC ECAs to accept these policies so as to reduce competition from them based on allegedly lower social and environmental standards. The OECD Export Credit Working Group has also formed a human rights sub-group which will report to their own November meetings, and disputes over the OECD Arrangement's civil aircraft understanding have escalated, as seen in the article below.