GTR: Export finance in a post-pandemic world

(Global Trade Review, London, 26 October 2022) After a period of unprecedented disruption, the export finance market is now firmly focused on recovery, growth and innovation. The latest edition of GTR’s annual export finance roundtable gathered a group of regional and global industry heads to discuss the evolving role of export credit agencies (ECAs), changing patterns around claims, and the ever-growing importance of environmental, social and governance (ESG) reforms. This piece provides a twelve page GTR report/summary of a 7 person roundtable. In another GTR review, they note that in the wake of the pandemic, export credit agencies shifted their offerings and increased their exposure to domestic transactions. Some are now looking to regear these programmes to support wider government policies, such as bolstering manufacturing or tackling the climate crisis. As they do so, concerns are growing about over-concentration in certain sectors and the neglect of developing markets.