ICC rolls out ambitious new export finance sustainability initiative

(TXF News, London, 1 December 2020) The International Chamber of Commerce Global Export Finance Committee’s Sustainability Working Group (ICC-SWG) is out to market with an ambitious initiative: to engage the export finance community in a discourse on how the industry aims to fulfil the UN’s sustainable development agenda, in a bid to develop both ECA policy and product.  The ICC-SWG, comprising 16 of the most active ECA banks (including a handful of global heads) and the Rockefeller Foundation - has invited industry players to have their say on how banks and ECAs can better align their SDGs within the export finance solution. A white paper, convened by the ICC and expected to be published in June 2021, will review the state of sustainable finance across the export finance landscape and propose both product and policy recommendations aimed at boosting the flow of export credits towards greater sustainable activity.