India asks DGFT to check fake export credit refund claims

(New Kerala, New Delhi, 5 January 2020) After unearthing firms that made fake export credit claims, India's Department of Revenue has asked the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) to seek regular compliance and verification reports from regulators. India refunds Integrated Goods and Services Tax paid by "star exporters" (exports of more than $3 million per year) as a form of export subsidy. Ongoing investigations have thrown up at least 9 star export houses as 'non-traceable' at their premises declared on record. All these star export houses have availed IGST refunds, which are now being questioned by tax officers. There are instances where an exporter with over Rs 50 crore of exports of readymade garments has taken refund of Rs 3.90 crore while the entity's total GST payment in cash was a mere Rs 1,650. The Revenue Department has identified several star-rated export houses that are bogus or shell export houses claiming fake refunds. Alarmed at the misuse of IGST refunds, the CBIC has requested to DGFT to install a more robust accreditation process. Meanwhile,  India's Commerce and Industry Minister recently announced that the scheme for providing export credit at low interest rates announced in September last year are being firmed up and would be implemented soon.