Kenya 'inflated' SACE loans insurance cost by Sh10 billion

(Standard Media, Nairobi, 7 March 2019) The Government of Kenya paid Sh10 billion to insure the loans taken for construction of the controversial Arror and Kimwarer dams, but industry experts argue the cost should not have exceeded Sh1 billion. Italian insurer SACE was paid Sh11.1 billion [94.2 million Euros] as premium for the loan, but a reputable firm that offers products on sovereign loans argues the much it would have charged was Sh750 million. In essence, going by arguments by local industry experts, Kenya paid 15 times over the fair rate to the Italian government-owned credit insurer for insuring the loans procured from a consortium of banks led by Intesa San Paolo. It would be a subject of interest for investigators to determine why SACE charged 17.5 per cent of the loan amount as premium, against industry rates averaging 1.5 per cent.