Kuwait Conference pledges billions for Iraqi reconstruction

(Daily Sabah, Istanbul, 4 February 2019) Turkey, the top contributor for Iraq's reconstruction with a $5 billion loan, has launched a coordination process to allocate the funds pledged for rebuilding Iraq. During the Kuwait International Conference for the Reconstruction of Iraq, the host country pledged $1 billion in loans and $1 billion in direct investments. Saudi Arabia said it would allocate $1 billion for investment projects in Iraq and $500 million to support Iraqi exports. Qatar said it would allocate $1 billion in loans and investments, while the United Arab Emirates pledged $500 million in investment. The European Union and Australia each promised $450 million and $100 million, respectively. While the U.S. - who invaded Iraq in 2003 - said it could provide more than $3 billion to help American firms invest in the war-torn country. Britain had said it would grant Iraq export credit of up to $1 billion per year for a decade. Iraqi government published a list of 157 projects, for which it sought private investments during the conference last year.