New ECGC policies to support Indian Exporters: Economic Survey Report 2023

(Taxcan, New Delho, 1 February 2023) The Economic Survey Report 2023 points out the significance of new Export Credit Guarantee Corporation (ECGC) policies to support Indian Exporters and the expectational changes by the 2023 Budget. The Export Credit Guarantee Corporation (ECGC) supports Indian exporters and banks by providing export credit insurance services. The new scheme launched in July 2022, under its ECIB products, has the enhancement of the mechanism of insurance cover to banks providing pre-shipment and post-shipment financeto 90 per cent from an average coverage of 70% for accounts with an export working capital limit of up to X20 crore to support small exporters. This framework could largely reduce the net demand for foreign exchange, the US dollar in particular, for the settlement of current account-related trade flows. Further, the use of INR in cross-border trade is expected to mitigate currency risk for Indian businesses. The Key aspect of this was that it could assist Indian exporters in getting advance payments in INR from overseas clients and in the longer term promote INR as an international currency once the rupee settlement mechanism gains traction.