New OECD Bribery and Export Credits Recommendation

(OECD, Paris, 27 March 2019) With the adoption of the revised Recommendation of the Council on Bribery and Officially Supported Export Credits (OECD/LEGAL/0447) in 2019, ECG Members and other non-Members that have adhered to the Recommendation (hereafter, the “Adherents”) are demonstrating their continued commitment to take appropriate measures to deter bribery in the export transactions that they support. Implementation of the revised Recommendation will be monitored via surveys of the measures that Export Credit Agencies have put in place to combat bribery and will be supported by regular workshops to consider best practices, relevant international developments and evolving business practices. [The OECD Recommendations are not legally binding and rely only on moral force. OECD reporting on surveys and internal "monitoring" have fallen short of expectiations by international NGO corruption monitors.]