NEXI and UKEF complete One-Stop-Shop reinsurance agreement

(Reinsurance News, Brighton, 5 October 2017) The agreement supports a framework for reinsurance underwriting between NEXI and UKEF, and enables cooperation between the pair in relation to the export of Japanese products via a reinsurance transaction that also involves UK exporters. "When a Japanese company joins a project in a third country in conjunction with a foreign company, One-Stop-Shop Reinsurance agreements make it possible for NEXl to undertake the risk portion of exports made from Japan,” explains the announcement. Adding; “Suppose a Japanese company exports to a third country with a foreign company under a consortium, and the foreign company obtains insurance from its own ECA for the entire contract amount including the portion exported by Japanese company; NEXl will provide reinsurance to the foreign ECA for the portion exported from Japan.”