NEXIM: Promoting Social Inclusion With WAYEF

(This Day Alive, Lagos, 8 August 2021) The Nigerian Export Import Bank (NEXIM) has introduced a specific policy intervention that is promoting economic and social inclusion of key segments of the population, in particular women and youth. UN population projections for Nigeria in 2020 indicated that about 62% of Nigerians were below 25 years old; while over 50% are women. The Women and Youth Export Facility (WAYEF) is a deliberate and targeted funding scheme to address the needs of these vulnerable groups notes NEXIM Managing Director Mr. Abba Bello. Over the years, the bank has provided enormous support for many export-oriented industries that are high employers of women and youths such as cashew, shea, hibiscus, ginger among others, where a lot of women are involved in cleaning and packaging of products for export.