OECD 2012 ECA Bribery Survey Responses Now Available

(ECA Watch, Ottawa, 31 August 2013) The latest available OECD ECA bribery survey responses on how member ECAs implement the 2006 OECD Recommendation on Bribery and ECAs is available on their web site. However, despite the OECD's claims of transparency and effective gathering and dissemination of statistics, a confusing public link for what they say are the 2012 responses as of 30 June 2013 actually takes you to their blank 2007 questionnaire form. One has to persist and know how to uncompress all the individual country reports from another document in order to review the 2012 individual responses. It appears from the wording of the OECD announcement that only 6 of the 35 reporting countries (36 ECAs) responded to the 2012 survey. Most ECAs rely largely on reporting by corporate applicants who have little interest in providing information that might lead to rejections. In addition, some individual ECA forms (for example see p.10 Part 8 of the Atradius applicant form) only require the briefest of information on bribery, making it less likely that problematic situations will surface through this rather weak OECD monitoring and reporting process.