OECD Civil Society Joint Position on ECA oil and gas restrictions

(Oil Change International, Washington, 27 February 2023) Over 175+ organizations from over 45 countries have signed onto a Joint Civil Society Position calling for a robust prohibition on oil and gas finance under the OECD Arrangement on Export Credits. Export Credit Agencies (ECAs) are the world’s largest international public financiers of fossil fuels, supporting an average of over $33 billion USD per year in fossil fuels- which is 7x the amount of their support for renewable energy. The Joint Position calls on OECD negotiators, including the US, EU Commission, Canada, UK, and others, to table a robust proposal on oil and gas prohibition to listen to the science and align the Arrangement with a 1.5C warming trajectory. One week before international negotiators meet at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in Paris (March 6-9) to discuss aligning export finance with international climate goals, more than 175 civil society organizations (CSOs) from over 45 countries have released a Joint Position calling on world leaders to end OECD export finance for oil and gas, and explaining how it can be done. They urge OECD members who consider themselves climate leaders to table a proposal for doing so. The position is also supported by the Co-presidents of the Club of Rome,