OECD releases export credit documents

(ECA Watch, Ottawa, 30 January 2013) The Export Credit Division of the OECD recently released a number of documents on their web site:
  • 1. Official Export Credit Commitments to IDA-Only Countries (9/1/13);
  • 2. The text of the 2013 Arrangement on Officially Supported Export Credits approved last year (11/1/13); 
  • 3. A summary of member ECA cash flows (1996-2011), apparently intended to "monitor" compliance with the WTO's ASCM, which prohibits premiums that subsidize exports (14/1/13);
  • 4. Responses to the October 2012 Survey on Measures Taken to Combat Bribery in Officially Supported Export Credits (7/11/12)
  • 5. The last summary of Category A & B projects used in part to monitor compliance with the Common Approaches was for the year 2009 and published (10/12/10).
  • 6. The last published "minutes" of the Working Group are for their 14-15 April 2011 meeting (April/11). Their latest meeting was in mid-November 2012.