OECD's ECG lags in reporting on ECA activities

(ECA Watch, Ottawa, 30 June 2012) The OECD's Export Credit Division last released overall ECA activity statistics up to 2005 in January 2007. OECD staff have argued that difficulties in standardizing their databases for activities, operating costs and cash flows have prevented the public issue of these statistics. OECD staff have even noted there are some ECAs which still do not want too detailed reporting, as they don't wish to reveal certain data about different "windows" of their portfolios. In October 2006, ECA Watch noted that, while the OECD prides itself in providing accurate and comprehensive publications and statistics, a review of their ECA statistics raised serious issues of major discrepancies. Some 6 years later, the US ExIm Bank's 2011 Competitiveness Report provides data which seems to indicate these OECD statistics do exist, despite their long delays in developing adequate accounting practices and their public dissemination.