POTATOMATION: Jubilee Australia brings its concerns about the ECA-backed PNG LNG project to the Sydney Fringe Festival

Jubilee Australia has teamed up with a group of Sydney visual artists to create a visual arts installation for the Sydney Fringe Festival that profiles the themes in Jubilee Australia's 2012 report Pipe Dreams: The PNG LNG Project and the future hopes of a nation.  The report is the most complete discussion to date of the potential risks and benefits to the people of PNG of the LNG Project, which was provided with financial support by no fewer than five ECAs and pivotal diplomatic support from the Australian government.  The report argues that, contrary to the official discourse, there are serious risks that the revenues generated by the Project will not mitigate the negative economic and social impacts of the Project.  In fact, it is very likely that the Project will exacerbate poverty, increase corruption and lead to more violence in the country.

Potatomation Art Collective's installation entitled Retelling PNG Pipe Dreams will be on exhibit at the 2013 Sydney Fringe Festival through Saturday 21 September.

Jubilee Australia published Pipe Dreams in December 2012 as a follow to its 2009 report on Australia's export credit agency, Export Finance and Insurance Corporation (EFIC) called Risky Business: Shining a spotlight on Australia's export credit agencyJubilee Australia advocates for reforms to EFIC and keeps a close watch on its business providing financial products to Australian multinationals in the extractives industry.