Sinopec Signs $1b Iranian Abadan Refinery Expansion Deal

(Financial Tribune, Tehran, 30 December 2017) China's Sinopec Engineering Company has signed a deal worth $1 billion to develop Abadan Oil Refinery, Iran's oldest crude processing facility in the southern oil-rich Khuzestan Province, the Chinese oil and gas group announced. According to Iranian officials, the venture will be financed by China Export and Credit Insurance Corporation, or Sinosure. The funding is reportedly part of a deal worth $3 billion to overhaul and expand the facility. Sinosure is China's major state-owned export credit insurance company. Its financing since its establishment in 2001 has totaled $290 billion for exports and investments. Commissioned in 1912, Abadan refinery is the longest-running Iranian crude refinery and once the largest oil refinery in the world.