Tell EXIM: Cut ties with India's deadly Sasan coal plant

(Sierra Club, Oakland, 23 April 2021) More than a year has passed since the deadly April 10, 2020 coal ash disaster at the US EXIM-financed Sasan coal plant in Singrauli, India. The coal ash disaster was responsible for the deaths of six people and created a massive flood of coal ash that continues to pollute the water and community land almost a year later. Back in 2015, the Inspector General of EXIM issued a report revealing a stunning 19 fatalities at the facility. This followed a 2014 report from Sierra Club and NGOs that revealed forced resettlements, occupied houses being bulldozed in the middle of the night, labor abuses including employees handling hazardous materials without protection, and rampant environmental contamination of the local community. Since the2015 report, monitoring reports have revealed an additional eight deaths at Sasan, but the actual death count is probably even higher.